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before we begin to answer this question, don’t forget one of the most basic economic laws: supply and demand. Supply more scarce for example, your equity in a hot industry, new technology patent the demand will be more appropriate for example, if there are multiple investors competing to buy your company, and then in the process, you will increase the value of the company.

I gave him an example: for example, he designed a soft diet products, which contains a Taobao’s weight loss products, to publish tasks, requirements content >

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forum or post class, this is mainly for Taobao customers do, Taobao is helping customers taobao sellers to sell things, sell after a commission, such as one of my sites to promote weight loss products Commission of up to 50%, so the transaction a sum of income in about 100.

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supply and demand

I often asked such a question, usually the problem will be in the company’s upcoming financing, or the company is negotiating a deal when asked, the question is, "how much is our most appropriate valuation?" in fact, the answer to the question is very simple: and just like any other type of transaction, the value of your company, is willing to pay the price you buy others.

however, there are several key criteria to follow in evaluating the value of the company. The content described in this article may be useful to you, and it will also be consistent with the expectations of investors.

word for Wangzhuan, we want to stationmaster net friends are very familiar with, here the daily income of hundreds of thousands of There are plenty of people who I think there, there are also those every day to ten, twenty yuan income everywhere to help people post, registered? Don’t you think out of the Navy team, do a home, let someone to help you work? I think if you put your study mode of operation on the home that you can earn several fold. In fact, this model is not difficult, and there is no technical content, I will take my friend as an example to illustrate:

of course, if you and many investors to communicate, they need not provide a kind of "demand" is the most true, so when the negotiations with investors, at least you should also be able to provide a "perceived demand", because it can also play a role.

two days ago, a friend with more time on the Internet told me that I finally got the first money I earned online. Although it was only 100, he said he was happy for several days. Then I asked him how he was doing, he said that he was zhubajie, do some tasks, most of them are forums, reprint and space registration, download, and complete a task about 1-1.5 yuan of income. He said, for this, he registered a lot of BBS vest and mailbox, although tired point, every day there are about 10 yuan income.

as mentioned above, another key indicator of your company’s valuation is your industry. Generally speaking, each industry has its own unique valuation methods.

if you’re in the fierce competition in the cosmetics industry, or your company can easily be copied, so your market demand tend to be relatively small, therefore, the final possibility of obtaining higher valuations are not too large.

the method used by a buyer in a particular industry may be quite different from another buyer’s evaluation method used in another industry.

never let investors think he is the sole buyer of your company, because it will greatly reduce your company’s valuation. Not only that, when you start to prepare to attract investment, to let investors really feel your company is a new company, the one and only, it can maximize firm value.

friend finished, I said to him, "in fact, you’ve done exactly what you need to do to make your present income double, and you don’t have to be so tired.". Friends don’t understand, ask me how to do it,

I said you can copy to your home publishing task model, with money home to help you recruit a lot of mode to do the task, I gave him two examples, one is to download the registered classes, such as to the results of a registered member of those registered under load are there to apply for a blog, you can apply for the.

alliance price in about 5 yuan, so you can go to release the task to help you complete the registration download, you can pay 1-2 yuan to him, so that you can complete a registration certificate after the task in others there is 3-5 yuan, you can put some tasks together. The best to do the same, so do the task, it is convenient, but also can increase his income, of course, your income is increasing. Another point is that you by binding, in the title of the task, there are still some advantages, someone else’s task is 1-2 yuan, you can release about 5 yuan, of course, will give priority to you.

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‘s new generation of biotech companies tend to have higher valuations than traditional firms in the food and beverage or small commodity industries. For example, a new food and beverage industry, the company’s valuation, will generally be EBITDA EBITDA, refers to the company’s total revenue before the deduction of interest, tax, depreciation and amortization of three to four times, but for a clear amount of the rapid growth of the website "

what field of business do you work for