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first of all, from the link between the three, "research institutions" talking about, they are also known as the narrow sense of "short institutions", often with two characteristics. < >

more importantly, because of the large number of Hong Kong stocks, uneven quality, and a high degree of relevance with the mainland, while maintaining the integrity of the short mechanism, so attracted more participants.

all the people are from the new coming, every one in real life or expert, Internet Marketer in the domestic or foreign cattle, are from the new one step up, no one will make money, born to his success. So, as a new person, do not feel that the future is bleak, feel very stupid, do not understand anything, must not make money. We must first correct attitude, if you want to join the Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, you don’t want to make quick money, don’t think a night you can learn all the knowledge, do not think for a class, buy a bunch of data, talk for a few hours or you can become the master and master, that is. Impossible. To achieve results in this field, as well as effort, time, need to study hard, need to constantly test optimization, need to continue to accumulate experience. But since you’ve decided to join in, believe in yourself: hard work is sure to pay off. If you are a completely new, if you spend three hours, or even an hour, do some real things not to see the post back post, not chat, up to three months, you will look back, will be surprised at their progress and the results, and by that time you Affiliate Marketing will have knowledge and understanding of the new progress, the speed will be faster.

The origin of the recent wave of short wave

they called punish evils rogue, under the banner of "garbage to clean up the market and maintain financial stability" banner, will move to an irresistible force, life and death, biting, ruthless. And in the eyes of listed companies, they are cunning and greedy, but also take into account the eating of hypocrites, real bandits, a sensational report behind, is hundreds of millions of sudden huge profits.

so, hidden in the one billion, even billions of billions, trillion capital behind the game, in the end is how a group of marketers, why in the end how they come out, how should we respond to


‘s ratings were downgraded, and share prices in one after another plummeted…… The face of short wave, people again picked up the "old conspiracy theory", was also pointed out that "there are a lot of garbage companies need to be cleared".

, can be traced back to 2011 for shares in hunting.

I’m busy tired, do not want to go to the forum to send a lot of post, maybe I was recently in the last post, I read the posts of people may think I am the person has a sharp tongue, oh it’s not even that. I also like to do domestic Affiliate Marketing, or that is "Wangzhuan", we are able to earn a lot of money. But for a long time, I still see the post when it was distasteful to visitors, those who click fraud or deliberately mislead the novice who also asked for many post only low-level issues, to post praise others, but no action of the new "mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng", so a join the forum immediately wrote so few posts, I hope to help novice, as for what you can read from my several posts, it is mixed. Since this may be the last post in the near future, I also hope that the tone will be more moderate and encouraging new people.

as of June 1st closing, Comtech core city 0400.HK at HK $4.37 / share, down 26.92%. So far, the involvement in the flames of two consecutive short selling research, the company’s share price in the past three days was cut.


One after another,

now, with the return of the privatization of a large number of stocks, stocks prices gradually reduced, short is also the focus of the transfer to Hongkong.

EDU.N, New Oriental to Chinese bridge 1378.HK, fullshare International 0607.HK, and then to being short of Comtech core city, the pace of foreign short sellers from U.S. stocks gradually shifted to Hongkong; from Emerson, citron, anonymous, Moodie analysis, the muddy water, full of bad mouthing Chinese the camp is formed naturally or half unconsciously.

From 360,

WeChat public finance Mustang No. ymcj8686 comb, so far, these short sellers camp has formed a relatively clear level three, the rating agencies — research institutions narrow short bodies – hedge fund.

at that time, due to many factors, different business model valuation logic is not understood, including the Qihoo 360, the giant network EDU.N, New Oriental Star Company, a public company, have been short of all kinds of financial institutions.

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called, can be self defeating the enemy, know yourself.