t’s time to redefine EntrepreneurshipHow did make the first pot of gold on the nternet

" concept has become a popular government endorsement, but what is what is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, people have different cognition.

, a pioneering ancient word. The "new book of Tang · fangxuanling biography", the Emperor Tang Taizong Li Shimin said: "I set the world from the mysterious age, take hundreds of dead, in life, see entrepreneurship difficult. I fear the syndrome and the world, and the proud, arrogant, lazy, lazy is dead, is not easy to see in." The ancient emperor, still the world, to create a foundation, is a kind of entrepreneurship; "big family", white with black seven seventh jing-cheer glue Zhuang in Shandong to purchase 28 Secretary Fang Zhuang glue glue is a kind of creation, entrepreneurship; under the tide on the century 90 not what the modern off to today’s start-ups different.

but after a few days to see the background data that GG installs a day more than a day, then you come to the spirit, just to catch up with the CN domain name one yuan promotion, dozens of breath registered Firefox browser and other related domain, using only a single page or a few pages, do all of the relevant keywords, long tail keywords, English Pinyin keywords, keywords, keywords typos, including arc of fire fire solitary browser, browser like typos keywords day can be several ten IP traffic, for the first time in the GG remittance when it took more than 1400 dollars, more than 10000 yuan was about 1:7.8 at that time, I earn or less, some master site high weight, keywords ranking is good, one day received a thousand yuan, for later A counter three to start the promotion of other software, such as Kingsoft, WPS, KuWo, Mike crazy software and so on, then the Kingsoft income is good, a few thousand dollars a month income, but do good webmaster tens of million yuan of income.

T3 released the hammer on the eve of Luo Yonghao, people have focused on the serial entrepreneur who, in some people especially the black hammer, Luo Yonghao is a successful entrepreneur: Hammer loss is very serious, and the hammer mobile phone did not sell on the amount of "over many Niubi, but not a good mobile phone".

04 years I started to do a website, just for fun, but for some special reasons have been doing Buddhist sites, until one day an online friend said how to apply for a GG account can make money, then have a registration, advertising has been put on income is not much, just to catch up with the hands of money at that time no way, look at the background GG which ads can be placed, just then there GG Firefox extension project, simply get the code in the following I Buddhism website, a few days later was incidentally found to have installed capacity, is to simply have registered on the Firefox browser, Firefox English related domain name. The name and official website is Firefox, I registered firefoxes domain name CN is a plural word, ha ha, like the official COM website is almost like that Time, in sh419 space and NetEase these have done a few blogs, put on the link, there is no tube.


I also think of a piece:

today is known as the world’s most powerful entrepreneurial team and company’s birthday. 1921 – the team set up a company on a ship with no offices, no licences and no regular staff. By Marx’s business plan, get angel investment in the former Soviet union. After several bankruptcy crises, CEO was finally elected in Zunyi as a takeover of powerful Western and domestic competition

business two words apart, one is the creation of "innovation", means that the process to 1 from 0, two rich generation to take over the family business from his dad is not a business, must be created, a product, a model, a kind of service, a store; there is a "industry" the process of doing things must be entrepreneurial career, but also can is on the sideline. Although All In is the norm of entrepreneurship, however, there are also part-time entrepreneurship, and remember there is a book called "weekend entrepreneurship", which teaches people how to use their spare time to start a business. There are some people in the start-up company, hang a consultant and other virtual job, this behavior, like investors, can not count on entrepreneurship, because they did not correspond to the matter as their career. Joining an start-up company, whether or not there is a share option, can make a career a career and seem like entrepreneurship.

said that the Internet to make money, I am not a success, but as an old webmaster, today also share with you to make your own website to earn the first pot of gold experience.

Abstract: as long as an enterprise can create products and services that are beneficial to the society and are able to function, it is not a failure.

began to promote the grand online game project and later, because the grand game promotion project owners do not much, it did not take long for the two main keywords station I went to the sh419 home page, one in the first time, every more than 200 registered accounts, each account registered at most consumption of 90 yuan can be divided into 45 yuan, now my promotion account and 80000 offline users, then the funny thing is to first position the keywords people to 1 thousand yuan a month on my website, I was rejected, this project has made a period of time, and later because of personal reasons to exit the network even some good domain names are not renewed away. Only last year did you start your website again, and now you’re starting Taobao

The "double


what about business? There are many answers to this online, the answer can be too theoretical to sh419, entrepreneurship is a person or a group of people in my opinion more is a person with a group of people to do one thing for the business objectives.