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interestingly, advertising by ringing call advertising, even if they are more users to browse, click, do not need to pay any cost of advertising, only received a valid telephone consultation when customers will have the advertising expenses, advertising has been effectively protected, to achieve zero risk for customers to pay for advertising. Customer’s advertisement in "ringing" website of each position according to the bidding method to select location, were released, each position of comprehensive coverage of "ringing" website, but you can choose to include NetEase, Tencent, TOM portal, more than 2000 ringing alliance network Associated Media, according to the bidding method of release select the location, form, comprehensive coverage of all areas of the internet.

said "ringing" call advertising is an example of the effect of marketing, at least in my opinion there are some reasons: 1, ringing by longtuo prior to the launch of the "embedded advertising alliance dotting platform; 2, the matchmaker of offline and online marketing; 3, interpretation humanistic advertising alliance concept; 4, Web2.0 rely on advertising revenue to provide a workable solutions.

one, the most basic, the most primitive way of promotion, mass

group, including group mass, want group mass, as well as a variety of instant chat tool mass, mail bulk. This method can be implemented through some tools, but the individual sensory conversion rate is not high, time-consuming and laborious. No station base, you can try.

effect is not in accordance with the marketing, advertisers advertising time to pay, but according to the actual effect of advertising brings, the number of users is the actual or potential customers to pay quantization. In this regard, recently burgeoning domestic online advertising company longtuo launched a "ringing" call advertising mode, can be said to provide a paradigm for the emergence of the marketing effect.

      effective pay per click advertising is always a big worries plagued online advertising alliance, sh419 and shlf1314 had effective pay per click advertising problems encountered while advertisers rebound. For this reason, the industry has been exploring the online advertising model as a substitute for pay per click model, which has led to the emergence of effective marketing.The so-called In the

three, build your own blog, promote

blog promotion I personally recommend, only a short while ago I used Sina blog promotion every day can save about 50 yuan of income, this is what I have in admin5/article/20090628/162186.shtml. Blog promotion need to promote similar articles can be classified systematically, also need to be patient. The blog promotion advantage is to make the readers have a suddenly striking feeling, found himself in the right place, no worries about the spread of nature. Blog promotion can use large websites free of charge, you can also build independent blogs, which requires a certain basis, here is not the details.

as a standard 80, after graduation forced employment pressure, in an obscure position to earn very little income. The heart is very unwilling. The Taobao gave me the chance to rekindle my passion again. Contact Taobao customer for nearly two years, is also a little achievement, I am currently nearly 2 years of poor Amoy network has become Taobao customers to promote the five diamond level, intermediate ups and downs, but has insisted down, down is also slightly overall performance. Don’t say much nonsense. This time I’ll tell you how many Taobao customers I understand.

two, BBS way post

can do pay, ringing actually can do precise marketing precise matching and content, its technical principle is to use intelligent search technology and AJAX technology, through the analysis of network tracking and semantics, according to Internet users, web browsing habits and the content in the Internet users to read or reach related advertising content information and web pages, and the advertisement information customers show in Internet users browse content around > automatically

four, self built website promotion

Taobao ladies

call is ringing advertising by Beijing longtuo Advertising Co. Ltd. based on the cooperation with China Netcom, Railcom and other telecom operators on the phone number of effective pay advertising costs. The new network advertising service. As an effective mode of network advertisement fee, ringing to provide sales clues to the Internet users, Internet users through the call to consult, to purchase a product or service, advertisers need to target.

this method is the most common, the effect is also the best, many web sites through search engine optimization, that is, SEO, web site keywords, such as sh419,


extension ringing alliance

Taobao customer development in recent years is the rapid tight ah, from once to Amoy now Taobao, Ali mother the launch of the Taobao promotion way to help sellers, have changed the pattern of the new Wangzhuan, occupy a large share of the market higher, can be described as the status is also rising. From little-known to the webmaster circle well-known, do not know how many achievements, once wanted to dream of youth through the network of nuggets.

forum posting the same way requires a lot of manpower, can tell you a trick, sh419 or shlf1314 to search, such as Taobao’s strongest 10 strong, and similar words are some articles, copy a few modifications, is a very good promotion articles. The same can be used as their own promotion. BBS mass same as the first way, need time and energy, and constantly post top stick, or through some technical means. Specific to what forum is not introduced, we usually have nothing to do, you can pay more attention to.