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90 after the new force on the road

      1 to note that your website is the professional nature of the site, the industry is not very developed, the best domestic or domestic is very weak, if not at home, you think, is domestic blank, but also display Chinese

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at the end of 2012, jointly issued by the Comsenz and iResearch, a report on the survival and development of Internet entrepreneurs in 2012. The report analyzes the sample of 5000 entrepreneurs, analyzes entrepreneurial motivation, profitability, corporate operating risk and financing conditions. The report shows that 72% of entrepreneurs is for a "hobby", more than 57% entrepreneurs said "on their own business industry do not understand completely" or "slightly understand", more than 45% entrepreneurs in 2011 Annual Income of not more than 1000 yuan, nearly 20% of the annual income of only entrepreneurial projects in 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan.


      however, there is really no way to display English advertising? To display quality low Chinese advertising? – no

      3 and most people don’t repeat, if you repeat a lot, not only has its own characteristics, showing much, price is lower. So it is best to find a special industry to do, it is better to. 

      we know that the general Chinese Web site is to display Chinese advertising. And it seems that shlf1314 has control over the advertisements displayed on Chinese pages, and try to display Chinese advertisements.

      2  note that website is GB2132 encoding, not what the best is < meta http-equiv=" Content-Language" content=" UTF-8" /> so, why? UTF-8 is compatible with multiple languages, and not just Chinese. So shlf1314 will be slightly relaxed in the judgment time.

      you may have a friend asked: this English advertising someone? Do you think Chinese without much resources, basically are abroad, so you can find it here, but also basically usually read information are foreign language, can not understand what


bring forth the new through the old", the phrase used to describe Internet start-ups more appropriate. Although the current 80 is the main crowd of entrepreneurship, but 90 entrepreneurs have begun xianshanloushui. Survey data show that in 2012, 68% of entrepreneurs are 80, 16% is 90, compared to 2011 survey data 80 percent, about 77%, 90 after entrepreneurs about 6% found that the number of 80 entrepreneurs decreased by 10%, after 90, the number increased by 10%.


90 emerged, interest is the key to social, income is very poor, very bleak — this is the 2012 Internet entrepreneurs portrait sketch.

think so

and Ji Yichao Zhang Linxuan of the same age, after finishing high school in the United States, decided to give up the opportunity to apply for University, returned home to set up English training service website in chat. Embark on the road of entrepreneurship, Zhang Linxuan has repeatedly with the team to China and also served as director of Global IELTS instruments and Changsha science education executive president, has its own understanding of the English training market and application service he. At present, in the chat network has been one million yuan investment, valued over ten million yuan.

      use your head; in fact, many traditional industries in the world are not virgin land on the Internet.

90 this has been labeled "non mainstream" groups, to the field of Internet entrepreneurship is also unique. A 22 year old boy named Saic, online hard to find its real name, only.

      see examples: look at the advertisement here several Chinese? Oh but you do, don’t do this industry, because I can publish the manuscript if that means that this kind of website immediately spread…. after all, can see this article will not lack you think when more people are in the.

in 2012, a group of 90 Internet entrepreneurs, Ji Yichao is one of the most concern to the industry entrepreneurs. Born in 1992, Ji Yichao, a 20 year old boy from Beijing, made his own mammoth browser, Rasgueado input, and so on. Mammoth browser from browser design to art, development, testing, operation and so on, all by himself. When he began developing mammoth 1 in July 2010, he had just finished his sophomore year. Today, the software has been updated to the fourth generation and is the largest downloaded item in the personal browser developed by iPhone. Mammoth browser has now invested in Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital, and has set up Peak Labs, a laboratory aimed at Baer and xerox.