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Shopify has also made it the target of capital pursuit, and Shopify has invested $22 million from Bessemer, FirstMark capital and other investment companies.

you have not thought about in their entrepreneurial journey, you really want, really stop you what? Is your subjective or objective factors?? analysis of their own shortcomings, the analysis of market structure, analysis of the obstacles in the future possible. Only when it prepared against want, when it comes, you can not panic, calm to solve. This needs the objective of their anatomy, of course, if it is not, Those closely involved cannot see clearly., can also find their friends, chat, ask their own shortcomings, they will give you some useful suggestions.


Interactive Media Retail Group Interactive Media In Retail Group reported that the total global electricity supplier transactions will reach $1 trillion and 250 billion in the next year, after the electronic commerce will become the mainstream of economic market transactions.

two, what do you really lack in the way you start your business? What’s really holding you back?

in the Shopify platform, users can quickly build their own online store, and various functions provided by Shopify allows users to store their own network to create a high quality electricity supplier sales platform – Shopify service is very comprehensive, including website security, page design, sales statistics and so on. You can say, with the Shopify, you can basically create any one you want to electricity supplier website. At present, Shopify users has exceeded 25 thousand, of which many famous enterprises are using Shopify opened their own online store, these companies including Gatorade, Ge, Tesla Motors, LMFAO, Britannica and so on. And in the last few months, Shopify is preparing for a competition that will produce 4 online stores with more than $1 million in Shopify.

in the face of such a huge and fast growing market, many new entrepreneurs are eager to have a share of it. However, the electricity supplier industry competition is very tragic, and in which to stand firm, this is not an easy thing. The Shopify is a specialized electricity supplier to help new entrants into the field of entrepreneurs multi-functional electronic business platform.

, find a quiet place, do not let this social impetuous infected you. Then let oneself really from the heart is quiet, only quiet, you can make an objective assessment of their own problems, but also to the objective reality analysis, so as to solve it.

entrepreneurship, this is a good, you can have everything. And in such a fiercely competitive and monopolistic situation, how easy is it to be in China today? So you have to give yourself a precise position. Do it alone. of course, you want to do something great by yourself,:

, what do you have to do to make it happen,

has a goal, an important step that follows is how to achieve it. Find a quiet place, or think quietly about yourself in a slow night, and think about what you should do to accomplish it. What kind of shortage do you have, technology, resources, and so on? You should think it over. Only by defining these things can you maintain your passion and keep your spirits up. If you just hold that idea of yourself and repeat it all the time without analyzing how to achieve it, then idea is better and the end result has already been decided.

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entrepreneurial planning for entrepreneurs, related to the whole entrepreneurial strategy of the pattern. It is a blueprint, a command that will allow us to rationally integrate our resources and create more economic or social values. After making clear their own interests and goals, we should improve our own aspects according to their actual situation. The first thing we have to do is to find our own flaws. Find out what you lack in order to achieve this goal, and how you can do it to achieve this grand goal. This article is mainly about the team or the individual. There is no doubt that this will determine the ultimate success of your business. Therefore, every entrepreneur must find his own shortcomings and try his best to overcome them in order to realize his dream of starting a business.

three, do you need a team or fight alone,