College students start their own online shopping mall revenue nearly 200 thousandAre you hungry, COO

below is a speech by Kang Chia at the Beijing Jiaotong University. Excerpt:

he is from hungry entrepreneurial experience, encourage students to practice, learning in practice, find their own wishful on campus business partners, the highest level and encourage everyone to pursue entrepreneurial innovation.

July 2011, under chance, Zhang Weigang learned from the Internet third "inspirational entrepreneurship contest" start, Zhang Weigang and the team did not hesitate to "YOU mall" competition. In thousands of teams, "YOU mall" break through the encirclement, get the promotion of the national final ten tickets, and eventually won the national finals potential project award.

quit high pay and start his own business

in April 2011, Zhang Weigang, whose job was only 8 months, decided to resign.

initial business difficulties,


when we started our business, I was talking to my roommate, Zhang Xuhao. In 2008, we started our business in the dormitory of Jiaotong university. Both of us perform very strongly. We were talking about the clock the night before, starting at three, starting in second days, and starting today. In fact, we don’t know what we should do in second days. This industry was not big at that time, but it already has all kinds of shapes, what should I do?

however, the entrepreneurial ideas into practice is not easy, especially on the recently graduated from the University of Zhang Weigang. The propaganda effect is not good, the supply is not sufficient, Zhang Weigang and the team first encountered stumbling block.

is at the beginning of the September school season, the Ministry of the mobile Internet industry incubation center organized the "Innovation Campus" in Beijing universities has. Hungry? COO was invited to speak at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beihang University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing Jiaotong University, entitled "from student to entrepreneur".

another misunderstanding is that entrepreneurship is a lot of things can be calculated, I have seen a lot, especially learning finance, or learning mathematics. At first he was inclined to calculate everything well. I think it is wrong, in fact, are the process of entrepreneurship errors. Entrepreneurship is actually a cognitive you, your awareness is the key, and your cognitive is often reflected by intuition, to do a lot of business judgment process, many judge you at that time, that sometimes, you will not have enough confidence, how do it this time? You have to try.

everyone started in the business, easy to fall into the two misunderstanding. One mistake is to think that entrepreneurship is the story of a celebrity biography you’ve read before. Then I think it’s something special, so I often study whether I have this trait or not.

April 2011, after graduating from college, just work more than 8 months of Zhang Weigang, resolutely resigned from the monthly salary of more than six thousand yuan work, out of their own businesses. In October of the same year, Zhang Weigang and the team to build online shopping mall – YOU mall official business, promised to order within two hours after delivery, six months later, the current market turnover has nearly 200 thousand yuan.

give up more than 6000 of the monthly wages of foreign enterprises do not choose individual entrepreneurs, Zhang Weigang decided to let many people be surprised. "My interest has been in e-commerce, so I decided to do it myself," Zhang Weigang said with a laugh. "Well, my family didn’t object to me doing that."".

"all publicity has been done, that is, the expected results are not achieved."

, let’s get to know it. It’s actually an investigation and we’ve been doing a two week survey. We chose a National Chiao Tung restaurant in particular places, we are a few people in the restaurant next to the stagnation point to statistics, to investigate. After investigation, I feel like takeout

e-commerce what money earn most easily? Now college students and white-collar workers are the busiest and most lazy most house is the most accepted online shopping this time-saving way, for this group, Zhang Weigang came up with the idea of YOU mall. When I was in college, Zhang Weigang found it very inconvenient to buy snacks online. Basically, there was no quick and convenient way to buy online. He decided to start with snacks.

it fast to the graduation season, when looking for work in the majority of graduates, 2010 graduates from the South China University of Technology Zhang Weigang group team let Shidishimei to see another road.

, taking into account the psychology of buying snacks online, Zhang Weigang decided to take the lead in logistics. He told reporters, "YOU mall" is committed to creating two hours living community micro e-commerce. That is, customers committed to online orders, delivery within two hours. Taking into account the delivery efficiency and consumer groups, the mall mainly provides snacks, specialty goods, daily necessities and high-quality gifts. Although the field has long been in, "but none of them are big and big," Zhang Weigang said.

thought, Zhang Weigang and several classmates and friends formed an entrepreneurial team, and immediately began to start research.

even when you don’t have enough confidence, you have to make decisions. Instead of saying, "when I go back, do I take a pen? I can count all the things out. It’s impossible. Absolutely impossible.". A lot of things, and the more early, the vast majority of things, the more can not be calculated. When you figure out that the day lily is cold, the timing of your business will be lost. Moreover, most of the time did not even say absolutely what you want to achieve the goal, is to take the characteristics to do it, you said at the beginning, we determine the external is a what kind of mode, what did not reach the absolute. Let me tell you, the process is clear.