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simple analysis of common work team and group purchase network, which is on the unity, by popularity, in a group purchase network, must be popular, must have the support of netizens, network group purchase is so hot because it can bring benefits at a very cheap price for Internet users. In a team, must have good leadership, there must be good at design talent, there must be good at writing talent, must have a good promotion of talent. Must have good communication with customers talent. Not a single one can be omitted。 I firmly believe that a person’s strength to bring customers a complete and fast service, assured and satisfied will be much weaker than the team.

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first explained that the project failed a few days ago, just to share it with his family and tell you how to make money online.

whether it is now or in the future, or in the past, a person’s strength is limited, the team’s strength is infinite, it is eternal truth.

2008 I accidentally contact Wangzhuan piece, online for the first time to earn money, I could be to more profound memory. Is unforgettable. Although the money is on my own for a website to write a few article get meager royalties, but still make me have a sense of trust wangzhuan. Slowly I found, only to write some soft Wen is always inadequate, gradually, I began to learn OFFICE software, PS, FLASH and so on, these to help me in this career or pretty big wangzhuan.

computer, the world network expandingdramatically, developed Chinese network was inferior. Chinese network development to 2010 to form, under the inevitable outcome of many networks, whether it is Ma Yun’s mom, Robin Li or sh419, or the network is very hot in the network group purchase. Is to rely on the strength of the team.

is not to write these people to do this project, just want to tell everyone to go online, to make money, to be cautious, a good project, the project can make money is not to be shared, online training is almost all the Wangzhuan liar, to make money can not rely on others, can only rely on your own, others can only to guide you, don’t take the road bend

like A5 website, by popularity, we rely on the power struggle together for the network a better tomorrow. A freelance writer and editor of the portal station cold son, :398806849,

project is sending mail, email sending why can earn so much money, it is hard to imagine, but this is true, because I am sending is full of online users and is male, can specify the area, use of the software is also online for a free software, because I analyzed the method of Tencent blocked garbage the mailbox, so I send out the mailbox is full in the inbox, Tencent spam mail method is that every day to Tencent submitted links corresponding to the contents of the mailbox inside the server only 2200 letters, the server and website your site corresponding to the 2200 letter mail after Tencent letter >

51, the number of 51 day online are tens of millions, but by 51 advertisers less and less, almost difficult to find, so I began to start looking for 51, 51 can take place, because I usually play 51, so 51 of the people know love back I saw 51 each step the software on the Internet, but they are used on the popularity, I started to analyze the 51, found 51 there is a small problem, 51 each step will not limit any speed and step number, I use a few days time to put my 51 home into a clothing store on the Internet find a clothes shop to do their agents, because 51 people are love fashion, so do the clothes is preferred, good home after I began to call my friend to write software, because the 51 do not limit on the speed and number, so I write software is Thread, and do not open the IE, as long as the download source code, one day hanging there, you can step on hundreds of thousands of people. Step on people are online, obtained directly in, it can get the area, the shortage is unable to get sex, each step is the speed of a second step 5. The number of my 51 visit is more than 10 thousand people, remember the first day revenue reached 600 yuan, got me half to death, although the agency people’s clothes, no delivery, but with a conversation, ask their address and so on, so every day I income more than 300 yuan, less than a month to earn money there are over 10000, but soon to be good times don’t last long, the 51 companies found and sealed.

in 2010, when I feel very confused in Wangzhuan Road, met han zi villas I really want to join the team, the team, and then apply to join, this team is to undertake professional production and service soft news release, the portals can be arranged. I am glad to be able to work together, although I am not what team, what did not pay off, but still very happy. A team is a popular, also on the Wangzhuan have new hope.

finally released the last experience from the zero income to 7 days revenue of more than six thousand yuan, and this project, when I did not open, because it can also operate, and now can not be operated.

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