Takeaway brand, the taste of the master of the collapse of entrepreneurship O2O hard to survive

in recent years, O2O is not only a lot of entrepreneurs compete for business opportunities, but also the highest mortality in the field of entrepreneurship. April 29th, less than a year on the line of the master’s taste in its WeChat public letter farewell letter issued, marking another O2O announced bankruptcy. The reason, as founder and CEO Fan Xinhong said in a farewell letter, has not yet achieved profitability, our funds have dried up".


taste in May 2015 officially launched, is a high-end users of food takeaway platform, as business master taste have been established in Beijing 24 Crowdsourcing distribution station and have 800 square meters of the central kitchen.

But according to

Fan Xinhong in the farewell letter said, because the central kitchen rent is due, seeking a new round of financing, business failure for processing new unfavorable, master the flavor of the final funding dried up, unsustainable and eventually bust.

insiders said, O2O venture threshold is relatively low, it seems to get a micro signal, find a few people in their own communities can be up, but it is not easy to want to base. And, now, it seems that O2O is not a light business, but more and more heavy, which increases the difficulty of entrepreneurial success.