Bad idea of classic Wangzhuan four bags of legendThe portrait of Zhao Shicheng founded light luxury


2, you want to help customers, stores sell things, you have to think if you go to find potential customers valuable? Find their potential customers is the first step of Taobao customer success, to find the potential customer value it is possible to sell, let him buy from his pocket money. Can you get your money. As for looking for Taobao customers value of potential customers, I think everyone can sh419, but here I recommend several effective ways: group according to your promotion products, such as cosmetics, you need to find the exchange of women groups or groups of fans chasing actress, user space according to the characteristics of friends in , to release some helpful articles or advice to them with their related products or website links, to influence them, professional forums such as cosmetics forum, publish valuable articles, community forums similar to provide community service ads, get the rebate, a prominent blogger the sofa, sh419 products sh419 answers, know space, library for sh419 to promote more long tail keywords, long tail keywords, to a certain extent, the conversion rate will be higher, Self built web site to do SEM/CPS/SEO to promote products, this point from a number of single page website promotion, you can see the power above. These are only recommendations, and of course there are other ways of looking for them. The key is to find the right one for yourself

industry: e-commerce,

help in Construction Bank online mall, I was surprised to find that, compared with the price of taobao is only one hundred or two hundred yuan, the price of bank online mall is as high as 3500 yuan, consumers are willing to spend a few thousand dollars to buy large appliances online, even diamond jewelry. This shows that there has been a number of domestic pursuit of quality consumer groups. They advocate LOHAS and enjoy high quality, stylish, but moderately priced goods. I call this idea "light luxury"".

"four bags of legend" is not a very easy to operate empty words, it is better to guide us to think, to create innovative templates. We said that money is to use your head to head the marketing people, and then use their own charm or persuasion to enable him to take the money from his pocket in your pocket, so it is of vital importance to you how to marketing to influence him, let him, he would put his money from his pocket and put them in your the pocket, which is the key, the core is we want to say today. Let’s talk about ways to influence your customers and get them to be marketed.


Zhao Shicheng: Shang pin, founder and CEO

I think the luxury electric providers to win customers, end-to-end consumer experience is a must, LuxeHome like Taobao, Tmall and other network can not do business platform, but the massive goods piled up, but to help consumers select suitable for their goods, which determines the Luxuries network can only take the buyer for. It’s no exaggeration to say that every item of clothing and shoes on the Internet is our buyer’s try on.

as an online channel for luxury goods, it’s hard to get brand authorization at first. Fortunately, we do not worry, one by one to negotiate patiently. In fact, there are many luxury brands abroad, because China is too late to have been recognized. We invite them to do brand building together and help them work with fashion magazines to build a long-term symbiotic environment. Our sincerity gradually moved them, Sergio, Rossi, DVF, Stuart, Weitzman, DKNY, these luxury brands have given us authorization.

in 2011, I founded the product quality network, dedicated to light luxury, starting with three major categories of clothing, shoes, boots and bags. I have made preparations for the long term war of resistance – – the high-end commodities need to be raised, just like the new world under the line. I don’t think it’s so prosperous now. The first three years are also very difficult.

1, Taobao’s rule: Taobao says the simple point is to get a commission by helping sellers sell.

after returning home in 2005, I found that the contractor is burn, will start from the background service start, founder of the Winteam news company, dedicated to the bank to do the overall solution of credit cards, such as online shopping mall; also the founder of the private catering enterprises to do online, customer relationship management background.

went abroad, I worked as a banking project at HP. I was a very good big customer sales business. To study in the United States, I joined a real estate transaction company, responsible for Internet product design, but also witnessed the growth of Amazon, from now on, determined to do electricity supplier.

let’s take Taobao as an example:

the day before yesterday to write the log which mention the money making ideas is "four bags to" point of view, you want to make money to do is to use your head to marketing someone’s head, then let him put the money out of his pocket into their own pockets. After many people have asked me about the four bags, in fact this view is not my idea, to write while Dr. Lin Weixian, but two years ago, because I think it is a good four bags of mode of thinking, a pure profit method and thinking process into a kind of in fact, the head – head – Pocket – pocket material transfer process, is also very appropriate. Today to tell you what I personally think is four bags of legend, and how to in the actual marketing operation to use wangzhuan.

when light luxuryBefore

Entrepreneurship: 2 years,

at first, we had some experience, such as entering a luxury goods for 10 million yuan, it took one year to clear the stock. Later, most of the buyers we were looking for were overseas Chinese, who knew about the tonality of luxury goods