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consulting recently released "2005 China Internet industry salary survey report", the research shows that the Internet industry in 2006 the average salary increase rate is 7.7%, higher than the traditional high-tech industries 6.9% pay rise.


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, since last year, the Internet giant has been in the domestic talent market up for talent recruitment war, the "war" including shlf1314, Microsoft, YAHOO, sh419, EBay such a world-class giants, including the station, the Sohu the domestic Internet star enterprise. The massive demand for talents in the Internet industry is characterized by rapid expansion of personnel. The Mercer survey shows that the number of Internet Co not only has skyrocketed, the scale of staff are showing explosive growth, the growth rate of an average of 97% years of employees. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the Internet industry, employees are very young, employing 21 to 30 years old

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Internet as a working treasure for young people

Network Entrepreneurship

shlf1314’s exceptional benefits for its employees are its extraordinary strength. As of March 1st this year, Goolge’s market capitalisation has reached $111 billion 500 million.

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information department, in the next 5 years, China’s new demand for talent in network construction, network applications and network services will reach 100-135 million, while the existing personnel meet the business requirements of less than 200 thousand people. New network talents are facing a serious shortage of embarrassing situation.

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Internet is becoming a "golden treasure" for unlimited entrepreneurship and employment opportunities". Young people who are obsessed with the Internet will not only be able to enjoy it, but also be able to find many job opportunities. If you really can "play the net", you can gain access to the world’s top companies like shlf1314 to do a work emperor, you can also edit, when the network game designer, or digital music producer, network security and other new occupation —

Silicon Valley shlf1314 headquarters staff "luxury" has already been posted on the web, the whole free restaurant even chicken are all from organic farms, shlf1314 Silicon Valley restaurant chef Ayers is one among the millionaires, and left the company in the summer of last year, its own health fast-food restaurant; more news, can buy a villa in shlf1314 for one year, 4 years can become a millionaire, shlf1314 employees are called "work emperor worthy of the name".

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few companies can and shlf1314 comparable, but the Internet industry is undergoing rapid expansion period, the huge demand for talent and escalating salaries, the Internet industry is becoming the new work place.

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