Pan Shiyi after 30 years of successful entrepreneurs, made 5 reflectionsDo Wangzhuan novice not an

worked hard at the mall for so many years, I’ve seen a lot of people, and I’ve seen a lot of things. I think there are two categories of startups:

, for example, I like Feng Lun, Wang Gongquan, Liu Jun, Wang Qifu, Mr. Yi small five friends of entrepreneurship, we have no more accounting, cashier, audit, and the five of them took all the money to me. In the 4 or 5 years we worked together, I didn’t pay more than 1 cents. Even if I had more than one taxi ticket, I wouldn’t have reimbursed it privately.

1, the first thought: founder of two kinds of

2, in the course of learning, pay attention to sum up

, for example, Jobs is such a person, he did not want to make a lot of money, but to put all the attention on the product, until he died, still wondering what the product should do. It is Jobs’s obsession with this kind of product that makes Apple’s product experience and enjoyment for its customers.

3, in the basic knowledge of the premise, through >

I do Wangzhuan for almost two years, what do not understand the beginning, do not have their own website, and later also to understand only Wangzhuan, set up their own websites, very honored to join the webmaster of this glorious collective. Personal webmaster, my heart a very noble occupation, do the first thing is to be able to endure loneliness, sink up. No one would say that he will be able to start a day to earn much money! Are slowly learning, slowly accumulated experience, I also like this, although there are now the site can earn some money, although not reach their requirements, which requires a process, it is clear to me.

the first type of entrepreneur is a businessman.

, the second type of entrepreneur, is able to embrace a higher ideal on the basis of the smell of money, namely, "I want to create value for this society.".

if you just contact Wangzhuan, even what is Wangzhuan do not know, then please don’t ask me too busy to earn much money, do you think if you make networking do not know what is, how much money you can make new friends? So or calm down, find a high hand Wangzhuan industry. Learn from scratch. If you have in a team, or you have a lot of network master friends, then this way is more suitable for you to find a good teacher to you is very good, you can make faster familiar Wangzhuan, and they do the credibility of the project is to rely on so much, as long as you follow them to do a project to do, will reduce the risk of many, the most important is can let you study Wangzhuan more purpose, save time.

also, I think that entrepreneurs have a distinct feature: always try to find the logic behind the operation of the market, because if can not find the logic behind the operation of the market, they will panic.

but I found the couple do Wangzhuan are impatient, anxious to participate in a project as soon as I can earn a lot of money, here as long as they are to pour cold water, because it is not possible to do other things, do Wangzhuan industry, there is no reason for the success is not without reason of failure. Do Wangzhuan want to succeed must also pay hard sweat and wisdom, I decided to do Wangzhuan couples need to do the following work.


you find the master with this is only the first step, as the saying goes "the master door, a person in". The most important thing is that you should learn to summarize, for example, you master the basic operation flow of a project to you, then you have to learn by analogy, analogy, repeated problems do not always ask some basic, click here to say some people just do Wangzhuan, networking is not willing to earn the basic tutorial take the time to look at, such as how to registered mail, the user how to fill out this kind of problem is to ask for a few times, I think this problem is whether the master will be very tired. So I suggest that beginners start taking some time to see new tutorials. Don’t be lazy。 Do not think it’s time to waste, but it’s a waste of time. Is the so-called "modaobuwukanchaigong" in the learning process, and then according to their actual situation, summed up. Do not know the problem encountered in the master to consult, it is best to take notes.

I’ve seen a lot of failed projects, and they fail, usually not

I’m telling myself this story is about the importance of trust between partners in the process of starting a business because we can’t do everything alone. Perhaps each person’s intelligence and intelligence are different, but trust is the premise of putting people together. Without trust, there can be no real unity and good cooperation.

finished with the founder, and then I’d like to talk about how to get along with partners. I find that distrust among partners is the biggest difficulty many entrepreneurs face when they start a business.

2 and second thinking: partner

1 the most important thing is to start a business with a friend.

usually, they have a very sensitive nose, where the market is rich and where they can make money, they follow where they go. Chinese most vendors have such an ability. This ability is very important, because one of the vendors organized to form a huge market mechanism, make the whole logistics resources and can be reasonably utilized.

sounds like "creating value" is a little empty for businessmen or entrepreneurs. But in fact, entrepreneurs to provide good service and good products is to create value for the society, they tend to make better products as the biggest pursuit, and focus on the product more than a profit.

1, find a veteran Wangzhuan take you to learn