Wangzhuan to choose the industry to go on the road to the real WangzhuanMogujie CEO June when star

said I do have two years, two years from the beginning of his utterly ignorant of I say is utterly ignorant of all basic straight HTML code cannot read to the current construction of independently completed a ASP website to tell the truth, I also feel very happy, after all these years my efforts were not in vain, I shed tears, oh. From a graduated from junior high school became a small town network job is in charge of, with two years I learned a lot, understand a lot also learned a lot, although in many of the master eyes this is not what I have read, but two will bring great efforts to meet the real me.

let me introduce my knowledge and understanding of the Wangzhuan industry, I am not good at expression to give you an analysis with two examples, Wangzhuan industry skills.

lead: IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will preach ninth station, June said, entrepreneurs need to accumulate, and after the start to "release", which is in a very short period of time will be accumulated capital connections in an instant release.

mogujie CEO June graduated from the Zhejiang University, he mentioned his views in his speech: entrepreneurs need to accumulate, and in the starting after means "release", in a very short period of time will be accumulated capital connections in an instant release, only keep learning and efforts to improve entrepreneurial success the rate of.

I graduated from Zhejiang University and graduated from the Department of Computer Science in 2004. Let me give you a brief introduction of mogujie. Our website is entirely for girls. There are many fashion sellers and fashion people on our platform. They recommend all kinds of beautiful clothes to girls.

May 15, 2014, IDG capital and venture capital jointly organized the IDG campus entrepreneurship competition preach ninth stops at Zhejiang University successfully concluded. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks.

business needs money, when I was just starting to take us home, to sell the house, I had worked for six years at Taobao, there are a lot of shares, at that time I only sold two million. Entrepreneurship a year faster, I found the family’s account on less than fifty thousand dollars, and I dare not tell his wife. When money was completely gone, Li ran the country as an angel investor.

we started four years ago, and now mogujie has about seventy million registered users, with about six million users visiting mogujie every day.

has done web site people know, site is very hard, but also very boring, and sometimes site construction is good, no conversion rate is the most urgent thing. But when you should stop and think about why your site without conversion of heart in anxious time?? what is the reason you do not earn money, but another person can make money??? A few days ago to my friend came to see me, he is doing Taobao passenger station guide now, we all know Taobao customers in the industry very fire, but it is very troublesome, other do not say some keywords that Taobao station is a small web site in general is difficult to get. My friends do is Shopping for Refund website, choose which website program I told it is best not to use the program which he started, he asked me why I told him this program is a fixed template, and encrypted content on the website is encrypted, you first on the inside the link of the product will not understand the main master, you have no way to update the site, but no way, the best goods displayed on the home page, this will directly affect your Taobao passenger revenue ", we all know that Taobao is on the promotion of good customer selling goods, so as to facilitate transactions to earn commissions but, I do friends website program is the official to do, as long as their website that the app can’t modify their own home there is no way to update the website. Not to mention the good goods on the home page for promotion, and that’s why I don’t want him to use any of those apps. But my friends admit that app, maybe bastard at mung bean eye it, he retorted that website, your company is not no way to update??? I said yes, but my site is pure HTML program is my own to write, but that I the program can also be updated, can add a web page or blog forum program, thus make up the site not update, most of my web page can arbitrarily change the goods. In the end, I didn’t try to persuade my friend. Now he was so sorry that he regretted not listening to my advice

why I didn’t support the students start? May be my own experience, have just graduated from college experience may not be enough, I feel, start to rely on their own past all of the accumulation, the accumulation is not necessarily the accumulation of work, can from the very small began to accumulate. Everything you’ve accumulated has been released at the first moment of entrepreneurship, and the release process has been very, very fast.

when I came, I was wondering whether to tell the truth or not. Because I don’t support college students in my heart, but my colleagues told me that maybe the students are different now. Maybe it is really like this.

when I was in Alibaba, I was more honest, and I immersed myself in working in the whole process. I didn’t know many people. When I started my business, I ran out of my own and didn’t bring my former member of the team. Then I called the classmate of Zhejiang university. At first we did not mogujie, in order to promote the product to a customer, we two people get up at five o’clock in the morning, drive to Xiamen to meet customers, see customers again, drive back in the middle of the night

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