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6. resumes beautiful people, such as those who have successful entrepreneurial experience;

followed by exit channels, currently available >

subsequently media broke the news that the U.S. IPO value of the figure will be more than 5 billion U.S. dollars. The Wall Street journal also reported in the MiTo IPO report that in April this year, Mito had just completed a new round of financing of more than $3 billion worth of Pre-IPO.

has no public response to the IPO news. At the MiTo World Congress in June this year, Sina Technology also interviewed Mito CEO Wu Xinhong on the issue, but he said it was inconvenient to speak. However, from the "submit the listing application" after the news, Mito related investment per capita default of the news, have forwarded congratulations.

does not have these conditions can not be successful? Of course not, these conditions are not absolutely necessary, but with these conditions of the entrepreneurial team will be more successful grasp. These 10 fully meet the venture project, is the eyes of investors perfect project, will be easy to get investment.

4. must have skilled technical team leader Internet Project;

editor’s note: to live is the last word, and that’s the rule of entrepreneurship.

, first of all, is the time pressure for investors to exit. Mito was founded in 2008, this year is the eighth development year, from the acceptance of the first investment point of view, has now more than 7 years. Public information, Mito got Cai Wensheng’s long collar capital angel investment of several million dollars in 2009, followed in 2011, 2012 and 2014, received a total of $360 million round of investment, the investment valuation of over $2 billion.

9. concentration, concentration, concentration. It’s best to do only one thing so that you can accomplish everything;

landing Hong Kong stocks or due to investor pressure

in addition, Hong Kong stocks from the current form, Hong Kong IPO may not maximize the interests of choice, but in many analysts view, this may be the best choice for the MiTo company so far — if the exit returns from the investor’s point of view, it is perfectly logical and reasonable.

is the parent company of Meitu Xiu Xiu pictures to Hong Kong IPO.

it is worth mentioning that the chairman of Mito also acquiesced in the news. In an interview with media people Lei Jianping, relevant sources close to Cai Wensheng said: the reason is because the Hong Kong IPO, Mito more international development, Mito has hundreds of millions of users in foreign countries, and also has a large number of users in Hongkong, Mito to closer to the user.

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5. low cost rapid expansion capability;

recently, the Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed insider news reports, Mito plans to pass the material will be in the fourth quarter of the IPO in Hongkong, raising 500 million -10 million.

these 10 standards, 2, 3, 4, 6, these four relatively easy to grasp, the most difficult are first and fifth.

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direction, mainly to see the direction of the five to ten years, whether it is worth the long-term bullish, early risk investment returns target is ten times earnings, angel investment is earlier than the risk of investment in the early time, the higher the risk, so the angel of return for investment will be higher. The key to this investment is the direction and the team.

7. make the most fat market and choose the biggest market that you can do. Only big market can bring up big enterprises, small pond can not keep big fish. If the direction is biased, it will waste valuable pioneering resources;

in the past, I briefly introduced myself to choose the four prerequisites for the project: the general direction is good, the small direction is verified, the team is excellent, and the return on investment is high.

8. selects the correct time point. The market is basically mature, and enterprises have formed a prototype. After introducing angel investment, the business will get explosive growth;

on earth;

10. business is validated on a small scale and has the opportunity to be one of the best in a vertical market.

however, the reason why Mito chose to Land Hong Kong stocks, close to the user may be only official rhetoric, after all, from a larger perspective, Mito most core, the most extensive users in mainland china.

1. understands user requirements and is extremely sensitive to the market;

first, able to penetrate the user’s needs, very sensitive to the market. This is a very high threshold capacity. You may have heard the story of shoe selling in Africa. Some people think there is no market in Africa, and some people think the African market is very big. This is a typical example of insight

3. is best for two or three complementary people to start a business together;

in my opinion, teamwork and direction are complementary and indispensable. That is to say, if the entrepreneur ability is insufficient, the direction and opportunity again good also difficult; if the entrepreneur ability is very good, but do the wrong direction, it is difficult to become great. Specifically, how to evaluate an entrepreneurial project, I summed up 10 criteria:

, that is to say, for the company that has not yet made a profit, the investment fund’s duration has reached a certain stage and the withdrawal pressure is self-evident. In fact, in the near future, the transfer of old shares on Mito news also circulated in the investment circle. A report by the Shanghai Ju Peng Asset Management Ltd. owned by private equity fund Mito original stock transfer book was exposed, the content, the United States figure of shareholders of the company is selling the original shares to $3 billion 800 million valuation.