Jumei Chen ou, the interpretation of the 80’s nternet entrepreneurial dreams!Magic quiz Wang Hancha

before entering this field, we compared education, health care, financial management, law and other fields. Financial management, health care and other areas of high degree of user awareness, but this also led to fierce competition. Cut into the field of legal questions, because of fewer competitors, we think it is easier to cut into, although the risk is great, the opportunity is also large.

at present, China businesses and ordinary users to enjoy legal services the proportion is very low, can have legal service only 3% of small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals have a lower proportion of legal services, almost negligible.

second, when users encounter legal problems, need to be resolved, it is possible to find law >

China there is an old saying "sanshierli". This has been fully confirmed in Chen Ou’s body. But this is an impossible dream for 99.99% of people. Chen Ou’s success, in my view, is not only a success of the United States, but a symbol of the spirit. There is a dream, there is nothing to fear. Pioneering Road, although the future is difficult, and even suffer pain and doubt, but there is a dream there is hope. Chen ou, precisely to this impetuous age of young people set an example, interpretation of the dream of entrepreneurship, everything is possible.


here, the same as a 80, really very congratulations and admiration, Chen ou. Although the sand water only two years younger than Chen ou, but he has made achievements in this age is certainly far beyond reach me, perhaps a lifetime beyond the reach of. But it’s nothing great. People are different, everyone needs to recognize their position, set their own attitude, have their own dreams. Success of Chen Ou >

Wang Hanchao: we provide two main questions through the magic value for users: first, through the website, so that ordinary users have more understanding of legal knowledge, let the user know the law can help you solve the problem, to avoid legal risks, provide some help.

with the rise of the Quora question and answer website in the United States, a number of questions and answers websites, known as representatives, have appeared in china. Compared to the wide range of questions and answers, magic quiz questions and answers on the legal issues.

of course, in the listing of the road, jumei also experienced a lot of hardships. Among them, a lot of people criticized and questioned the United States is "fake" rumors. This sand water is only a uninformed crowd and will not make any comment. However, in the United States before the listing of some of the media, some people will have such a love finding spirit, or that is a kind of habit, around the United States fake door rumors in hot pursuit, this is also a wonderful scenery. Of course, we would like to see this as a reminder of good intentions and a good expectation for jumei.


below is an exclusive interview:

: why to create things in mind to answer this relative legal loopholes or relatively narrow market

know Chen ou should be in the "you" of the show, I have forgotten the specific. But Chen’s ad for himself is the place that really impressed me. This young, handsome, star like CEO, study abroad, Nanyang Technology University, a student career, after studying at Stanford University MBA courses, and then returned to entrepreneurship, the establishment of jumei…… Chen Ou’s resume is very bright. It is also admitted that excellence is a habit.

magic quiz provides the main value: when users encounter legal problems, the first time to provide professional lawyers in the field, targeted to solve the user’s problems.

: Q & a magic weapon to create things in mind how can provide value for users of

"you smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat; you have your rules, I have my choice; you deny me now, I decide my future; you laugh at me for nothing, not to love, my poor always waiting for you; you can despise our young we will prove that who is this era. Dream, destined to be lonely journey, the road without questioning and ridicule, but what, even if black and blue, but also to live pretty. I’m Chen ou, and I speak for myself."

Sina Technology "to create things in mind" the interview column ?

magic question mainly provides legal knowledge and legal question answering service. The user can pay a fee to the lawyer who registered with the real name, and reach the litigation agent relation. As a platform, magic quiz will be divided into a certain proportion, so as to achieve commercial profits.

Wang Hanchao: ordinary users will think the legal service market is small, is a special industry, but it is because of loopholes, so there are great opportunities. Perhaps the outside world does not understand that China’s legal services market and the United States in fact have a huge gap in size. China’s legal services revenue of about 50 billion yuan, while the United States market size of 1 trillion U. S. dollars.

magic quiz founder Wang Hanchao the day before, to discuss the feasibility of the legal question.


magic question and answer founder Wang Hanchao

2012, jumei advertising achievements starring Chen Ou Chen EC ". The original dream oath with Beijing time on the night of May 16, 2014 and the NYSE bell dream. Chen Ou, 30, became the youngest CEO in the US, worth over 10 billion yuan. This is really the best of times.

how big is this space in the future? We have different opinions. But we think, this market is very big, enterprise and individual market are very big. With the expansion of assets of enterprises and individuals, there will be property disputes, property inheritance and other issues, and the demand for legal services will become larger and larger.