From the site overnight list to see whether the site should be in the sandbox

lead: just wake up in a group inside there is a group of friends and website overnight to number from the first 100, after the discovery of the problem, the group of friends to ask? Website how? Answer: another group of friends a few days you will be the site into the sandbox. I want to say is: it might not be the case.

. A website ranking did not change, and the spatial stability is related to whether.

if so, I suggest webmaster to give up cheating methods, adjust their mentality and adhere to the daily update of high quality original articles, perhaps, or how long your website or search engine will return to gold stage, not to a lazy and abandon a profitable website for you.

One night between Two. Original

search engine gives you a good place, you do not know how to cherish and pay, now the webmaster is a word "lazy", a good place to be lazy, updated, the quality is not high enough, the more to buy a pseudo original tool, this article can do it in the course of time? The evaluation of search engine on your web site is a real landslide, a move that is already let you slip out of sight website search engine.

as a webmaster should always pay attention to Links situation, every time the examination Links, found Links wrong, will Links down immediately, not because of friends or familiar with the owners do not.


site in the early part of the webmaster reluctant to pick up investment, when the site space is not stable, easy to hang, I want to say this site earlier than late for space space for better, not because of the interests of small temporary losses of a successful web site.

three. Links problems linked to your site.

website ranking did not change, the webmaster can understand complex mood, but no matter the mood sad we should cheer up and meet the challenges, the position variable is not, we are to find out the reasons, finally analysis website, come up with solutions. Here’s a look at me cause analysis on the website ranking drop

site is too small, caused dissatisfaction with the search engine.

here can go to some large space service space, can also go to the credibility of the local choice, for example on the Admin5 server, the server rental are very good, I used to rent a year it is found that the stability and the speed is high.

Links problem is many webmaster can not immediately find the role is very big, good Links on site, but Links once appeared on the website of the problem involved is very large, Links once the website is down right will be immediately removed, and some owners are now changed a mistake, not to check every two or three days Links, what it called, it is irresponsible to website.