Analysis of complex problems standardization is the core elements of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

But the current

standardization has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, from the examination standard, the standardization of enterprise management and so on, are ubiquitous in the standardization of indicates the utility, it can be said that the efficiency of standardization work will greatly improve the work, and effectively put the experience into several key processes thus, let many people get started quickly! So will complex problems of standardization will be a big challenge! The new Shanghai dragon diagnosis technology, even more so!

: I think, for the Shanghai dragon diagnostic standard can not be too complicated, just as others take over add, subtract, multiply and divide, look basically you can understand, if you take the Shanghai dragon diagnostic standard in like a book so complicated, so for newcomers, also seems to be not what role to help! For example, the PR algorithm, a standard formula is R (A) = (1-D) +d (PR (T1) + /C (T1)… +PR (TN) /C (TN)), the damping index D is 0.85, if such a formula is introduced to the Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis standardization work, believe that many novice will be ignorant! So the premise of standardization is not too complicated!

In fact,

Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology are the myriads of changes, and the corresponding Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis even more so, ten Adsense optimization with a web site, the method may have ten, can not have a standard model for! For example, some owners would love to write text, but some webmaster love pseudo original and so on, how can the Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis standard operation? Many people are suspect! But usually we can think of, often through our efforts to do, otherwise there is no aircraft, not the space shuttle! No moon!

Shanghai dragon

optimization technology and many people feel very mysterious, but also a lot of people feel very simple, but the author believes that the above two kinds of knowledge is go to two extremes, in fact, Shanghai dragon or optimization of considerable technical content, but also need Adsense good digestion and innovation, it is difficult to do well in Shanghai optimization of the dragon! Take Shanghai Longfeng optimization of industry segments, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, its methods and techniques if you do not know how to innovation, it is difficult to find a site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization problem, and the innovative elements of the complex problem is standardized, so that it can do good work in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, for success lay a good foundation for the next optimization!

two: the author another idea is the Shanghai dragon diagnosis standardization is a prerequisite, of course, these conditions we can list in advance, then.

below the author complex problem of diagnosis standard of Shanghai dragon talk about their own views, although the author summarized the temporarily not standardized process, but there are some of their own ideas, I hope it can play a role here!