Analysis of the remedy of original articles will not be included

said the original content website once released to be included, or the second, the key lies in the weight of the website, apparently can not achieve a new website, that means for a new website to take time for operation, in addition to the website to search engine submission, although early original content not included, but to update the positive, but also continue to carry out the construction of the chain, thus completing the website weight accumulation, this process you will find the content of the website have not been included will gradually appear in the search engine, so as to realize the content of the web site included again.

but when the original content to create the webmaster hard, could not be love Shanghai included, will let their enthusiasm frustrated, so when the original content hard to be included, and how to make the original content to love Shanghai recognized? After all, can not complete the content of hard work so simple in vain, I think there are a lot of methods, which are available, there is a long-term effective method. Here is a simple analysis of the two kinds of remedies.

also when the original content website not be included, as a webmaster should pay attention to a little from the site is not suddenly fall right cause, because some sites as before can be seconds >

is long-term effective method for rapid method, let the original content included the above discussion is only a temporary solution, but not a cure, and now with the weight to web content is more and more difficult, and even a certain amount of investment, so the scope of this method to let the original content application is becoming the more narrow, and the long-term effective method has a defect, that is to achieve a long time span, but if successful, often can get.


love Shanghai now has a creative spark plan, so that now webmasters are trying very hard to make the original content website, looks like the original content to further enrich the Internet content, enhance the quality of information on the Internet, but some original content itself quality problems, but also some original content because the search engine algorithm problems, leading to the original the content should not to be love Shanghai included, this is reflected in some of the new on-line website is very prominent in some weight high site, sometimes, which shows the original content will not be included in the love of Shanghai.

is the first method for fast reincluding, want to let the original loved Shanghai included original content to be included, it is actually very simple, to replace a title, then the original original content removed, re uploaded to the web space. If this method is not effective, when the original content release one or two, with the original content as the foundation, and then to some weight high website chain accordingly, then the extended reading of the chain is pointing to the original content website originally released. In general can be released several times, can make the original content to be included.