From Shanghai Shanghai dragon love update change




my site has also become the victim of love under the change of Shanghai. Although it is not K, but the website included snapshot update anomalies, once stuck in the 7-3 number, as a medical Shanghai Longfeng, several websites I optimized, and most of the medical station is not much different, with dozens of analysis of K website, get a law, medical station the novel K station is the majority, verify the Shanghai declaration of love.

I have been advocating the core of Shanghai dragon is the user experience, I have been in this direction. Because only meet the user experience of the website to be able to develop in a long term, by the earthquake, we should as Shanghai dragon is profound introspection. Now the Shanghai Dragon Development Software Group is not deformed, hanging black chain cheating, often ignored the most important user.

love Shanghai to seek reform

webmaster how to do

After the big update from 6.28

now many online rumors, what love fall in love at K station to obtain benefits in Shanghai stock market and so on, many owners are complaining about the love of Shanghai K go wrong, but I don’t think so, "love love Shanghai before Shanghai will eliminate the low quality of the news" illustrated, the main purpose is to deal with the low the quality of the site, we will find that the love between the lines from Shanghai are seeking change, love Shanghai database is limited, so not infinite place things, so removed the low quality content is the inevitable trend.

The face of love Shanghai

2012 as a webmaster, how should we face the big update this time love Shanghai, love Shanghai is a search engine based on user experience, so the fundamental objective is to love Shanghai to meet the user experience, and now meet the user experience of the website are doing well. From which we can draw the conclusion that love Shanghai update is designed to diagnosis of a reform of the user experience, in recent years Shanghai Longfeng industry is increasingly hot, many know only the hair of the chain are claiming to be Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon caused chaos in the industry, love Shanghai this update is for Shanghai dragon the industry set a threshold, not anyone can do Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix, you need to analyze the research.

to love Shanghai, now we have many webmaster complain that the site was K. At this time Shanghai dragon webmaster is feel alarmed, afraid carelessly doomed eternally, and now many webmaster confused, through the following map we can know, from the beginning of 6-28, fell in love with the sea K station had not stopped the footsteps. This is why

update, we should stand in the station which side? I think that we should follow the search engine, may have been many K webmaster abuse, but a webmaster can guarantee their own website is absolutely white, absolutely original, absolutely meet the user experience of