Discard the old Shanghai dragon concept

4, ULR length, URL length does not exceed the limit as long as the search engine can be included in the provisions of the regulations, the search engine is 200 bytes can be included, but the general URL will limit. Want to say to you is that URL is just a path search engine into the site only, regardless of the URL length, it is normal than > included

1, keyword density, from my contact webmaster, almost all care very much about keyword density, just a few days ago, there is a head through QQ asked me why my website ranking is, how much is the keyword density. I told him that I never care what keyword density, he smiled and said, don’t cheat him, he has studied my website, immediately went to the operation, and then disappears. A lot of time like this, we will go on to study ranking good website, see how they operate, how much is the keyword density, how much is the number of words, then, we think that according to their mode to do, also can get good rankings. And we do not know, what we see is the surface of things. The site is the most important content, rather than keyword density, you imitate others’ keyword density, no good article, so there is no ranking.

2, ULR static, everyone felt, static ur is easier to be included, while dynamic URL is not easy to be included, so try to keep the URL static, some owners to have included hundreds of website redesign URL, risked being down the right search engine to change URL and they do so is credulous static URL rules, they just feel good and static ULR, dynamic URL is not good. Although love Shanghai has been indicated in the optimization guide, included dynamic URL does not affect, we still can not change the old thinking. In fact, many sites are dynamic URL design, and many news portals are dynamic URL, the site’s ranking is very good.

3, code optimization, code optimization that is called, the template code to remove some unnecessary to do so, the biggest advantage is to improve web browsing speed. According to the personal idea, there is no need to try to optimize a template, as long as it does not affect the speed of opening and included on the line, then an optimal simple ranking did not help to. As long as the site can open in normal time, the content can be normal search engine included. Anyway, search engines had no effect on the user can not affect.

in progress, also in progress, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ideas are out of date, but we still cling to it, in accordance with the old approach to website optimization, search engine has not before the search engine, you are still in accordance with the previous method to operate, will not play the role. For the operation of the old method, the webmaster should decisively abandon, keep up with the pace of the search engine. What has been abandoned in the theory, we are still struggling to stick.

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