How do the external web site optimization new algorithm

The chain of Shanghai


three, the effectiveness of

love can identify your hair 99%, even this chain is not included, is displayed in the chain analysis of the Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, but we said the chain is effective, the chain has a good influence on the website. A >

many colleagues did not dare to do outside the chain, because they do the chain site right down, some people say that as long as do correlation, weight, effectiveness "will have a good effect on the website, I also think so.

said the external optimization, a lot of friends directly jumped out a word "chain", and artificial chain (the chain that Shanghai dragon Er personally sent to their own website), is the external optimization is the chain of Kung Fu, but artificial chain useful? Let’s analyze.


I mentioned above, the search engine outside the role of the chain dropped lower and lower, so the chain in some low weight site, basically lost significance, the chain appears only in the high weight of the site, there will be some effect. So I suggest that you will look to the Links, Links are generally in the home of the highest weight, not only do not write the correlation article, also do not have to worry about weight problems.

this factor is reflected in the love of Shanghai in recent years the algorithm, but also a large number of examples show that the chain related degree is high than 10 are not related to the chain effect. But, to do so, love Shanghai will think this is a chain of naturally occurring (always introduce the address content users share address, right?), rarely on the website deweight.

How to deal with the new Two, the weight of

" " the influence of the chain weight; this rule is Google original, and the beginning of a very large impact on the ranking, experience a total unity after the events of that time, malicious (" in Google search; failure of most people, there will be " the president of the page, and the failure of the people " " no relationship, Google); found the shortcomings too, once the malicious mass anchor text, you can freely manipulate rankings, then started the first chain to reduce influence. Until today, the chain is declining, because the chain did not achieve ideal function of search engine. The search engine founded "the chain rule", is to let users naturally propaganda website some of their love, so that we can greatly understand the user’s search habits, better arrangement of the rankings, but most of the chain? Is the webmaster of his hair, lost the meaning of the chain. So, love Shanghai further optimization, now is to reach the peak of perfection degree, the garbage chain not only the benefits, will lead to drop right.


after the last "love Shanghai new algorithm" one article, the author will continue to bring you love Shanghai exclusive article explaining the second algorithm.