2012 – 2012 Shanghai rules and the Shanghai dragon love prospect on the stormy

In 2012

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, let Shanghai dragon industry prospects bleak, especially as it migrant workers grassroots Shanghai dragon Er is more miserable, the adjustment strategy of condemning, unable to eat, let us only on the computer with Shanghai dragon has become a past. "Traditional Shanghai dragon" has been declining.

, Shanghai is here, but also make a lot of sense to do rankings as the traditional Shanghai dragon has certain development. Because the owners do, to their hard points or recruit good web series can be added and can hold good, fight against cheating on just the chain chain, and have a very good ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng still can excellent resources. However, love Shanghai query tool upgrade in the chain in December but invisible stabbed fond rank Shanghai dragon a knife. Verification of ownership of a website, the chain can query any of a website, the source of the chain, the chain of the page. Let the good resources of Shanghai dragon who have been exposed in front of people. Do people know the Shanghai dragon, competitor analysis is one of the most effective means of Shanghai dragon. The outer chain is exposed, will undoubtedly use Adsense means exposure to more than eighty percent. Love the sea through to let everyone know the chain resources at the same time, also let Shanghai Longfeng external as casually as before the chain to the rankings to weaken the influence of Shanghai dragon search engine, when this is all the owners found or know when to do so, ranking Shanghai dragon is not only to competition content >

2012 love Shanghai two large-scale adjustment, once is to update the love Shanghai anti cheating act of June, against the low quality of the site; one is October love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm updates, blow through hyperlink cheating. The two algorithm update is no longer what hot discussion, most are from the station upgrade and upgrade Countermeasures after have made good share. I do not think they can explain more deeply, so it is not discussed here. I want to say here is love Shanghai this two approach means wise. Against low quality sites, large-scale K station, with a large number of low quality sites is the webmaster come straight to the point, the outrage, but painful lessons let the webmaster understand the importance of content; the hyperlink against cheating, because only love Shanghai or webmaster has begun to accept the adjustment of Shanghai and the whole process of love can be subdued.

now is the end of 2012, at the end of each year will float. No matter whether you are good at summing up myself, at the end of the year to myself this year to carry out a review and forecast for next year as a shallow. This year’s Shanghai dragon er who seems particularly impetuous, various groups which are full of discussion next year whether for work, switch etc.. Discussion of the results is certainly optimistic about Shanghai and friends are not optimistic about the Shanghai dragon dragon who each one sticks to his argument, unable to agree on which is right. Shanghai dragon industry outlook good or bad