Forwards ranking from user behavior on website


3, the viscosity of the website. Website user behavior specific viscosity is subdivided into a website, including access time, access depth, bounce rate, return rate and so on, these tools can be recorded. A longer residence time, visit the website page, more out of the lower rate, return rate is high, may have a positive impact on ranking for search engine.

2, website traffic. A large flow site and a no flow or small traffic site in the same target word ranking must occupy a little advantage from this, some time ago the "donkey nets" event can be seen. A micro-blog Li Kaifu teacher, to bring traffic to a new station to love Shanghai home.

site click rate. The click rate is simply a web page by clicking on the proportion of the search results page, all search engines will record the search results click rate, this is the most direct user behavior. A couple of months ago a friend had used the word "Hefei Shanghai dragon" done the experiment, then love Shanghai ninth ranked site "point" to second by the defibrillator, here to disclose the specific site. But the "point" of the site has timeliness, the ranking is not permanent. But the search engine will be included in the CTR ranked one of the factors, but also the prevention mechanism.

believe that the webmaster friends on the search engine to be familiar, but the significance of Shanghai dragon in the search engine the broad sense is to improve the website relevance, authoritative and practical, that is to improve the narrow web target keyword in the search engine rankings. Although the search engine has not admitted user behavior can directly affect the ranking, but the major search is to spare no effort to promote the browser toolbar, the user behavior for ranking factors in the proportion of not small, more important is the proportion increased.

with the change of user search behavior habits, the search engine has been changed. The major search engines in addition to the promotion of tools, but also the development of a lot of free products such as YAHOO, Google, Shanghai love provides website traffic statistics, webmaster tools search advertising alliance, which can collect data and can be used to analyze user behavior, so as to cater to the user behavior. The user behavior is not difficult for us to find in the search engine user behavior, the influence of the rankings not coincidentally, Shanghai Longfeng regression fundamental is to research on user behavior, in other words, is to improve the user experience, this is not empty. Forward statements of a school webmaster friends can exchange, 28133241. Original, this paper by Hefei Shanghai Longfeng original address: www.anhui Shanghai,.Org/380.html; please keep the link, thank you.