A5 marketing entering the new village, Shanghai Phoenix based training course

first, this article is a "rookie" for development in all walks of life, always need a "guide" to lead "rookie" gradual growth. As more fun game, also need a NPC guide is the same reason, today I came as a Shanghai dragon industry NPC.


and second kinds of money to buy equipment? If love is the representative of Shanghai auction, as long as you have money, any word can get first. The drawback is: Everfount need money.

found constantly killing we often, around the mobs less, but can not satisfy the constant demand. This time we often need to rise to a higher place Daguai, this.

this is a only 8 level of the game, in this game belongs to 5-6 class 7-8 class belongs to the Terran elite, and humanitarian peak, more than 8 there are hundreds of millions of people up. Generally speaking: 3-4 is often the most people’s pursuit of man, but you are now 0 oh.

so, your position is essential, but also must undertake the responsibility of editing: guidance, technical communication, product packaging and a series of shoulder the burden of great

Baishixueyi, the master can teach you a lifetime of learning, such as: A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng manager He Guijiang’s disciples of many, a thorough Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, people walk less than three years of detours! His red orange blog has been teaching foreign.

as a rookie you, how to quickly upgrade? There are two methods: first, art; second: buying experience to buy equipment.

Shanghai dragon to grow, to live skills, this skill can only be: ranking, flow. Your position is not outside the chain, also not to edit articles, but to guide a website search engine to conform to the correct way. Don’t do things change the view of heaven.

as a NPC, first with a sincere welcome to the new village, here you will understand that the survival guide of Shanghai Longfeng industry, understand the law of survival, is the foundation to live! What is Shanghai dragon? If you struggle is just outside the chain, then quit immediately. Shanghai dragon is a huge project, a small blog to a portal, all need to polish Shanghai dragon.


three: character level

when you select the "master" or a "warrior", NPC will have no possession to provide you with the basis of a life insurance. When you choose the Shanghai dragon, but often need to start from the savage: why? This world university never "Shanghai dragon" this course.

: a soaring Xinshoucun

four: the replacement of

two: survival skills