Chen Xiaohuan the website home page weight distribution and the site was K after distress

? The answer is nothing more than your ordinary optimization process is cheating or the black hat means, whether it is caused by the excessive optimization results, these are general webmaster feel condition.

then I Beijing site is the real reason whether K is the situation? My answer is not necessarily. Because, in my opinion, everything is possible, as is the use of the same method to optimize, why some people can quickly make the site get good rankings while others have no results, whether this is a technical problem or love Shanghai’s own negligence. Let me dare to imagine, search engines will be wrong, is that some had good quality of the website or itself weight is very good website suddenly in a short period of time to lose weight or ranking.

The original content of the To update the The reason is that

website content, we all know the content of the website for a web site is like the relationship between fish and water, the website needs regular updating and maintenance, in order to continue to give the website search engine and won the trust of customers, and can make customers feel updated website of.


, my skin weight to push the network marketing center of the two domain names also appeared in the page above the home page, lead to a drop in site:www.xxx贵族宝贝, not in the first place, but behind the inside pages. This situation is very common, what is the solution?

The weight distribution

recently, very vexed, Beijing on a client’s website home page is in love with the sea K, but the content of the website whether you add or not included, to put in there, as for ranking, don’t say, nature is rapidly declining.

this situation, I encountered many times, most are some problems to solve, I; but what really happens in my hands of the optimization process, strictly speaking, this is the first time, I will try to avoid this happening after. In fact, this can be attributed to the web page weight is higher than the weight of home, home or be right down, either by K. The specific reason is the problem of weight distribution.

website, a website if most of the content is collected or copied to other websites, then talk about what is said to do a website, as it is more appropriate to copy web site.

website, website whether to list more Links, or web page does not need to link. In fact, if the web page links too much, it will cause the right.


next, I take a hypothetical, each search engine update time is not that must be in accordance with our ideas, or we are included to update the ranking algorithm, snapshot and web site. The search engine spiders when the web pages, the page will appear to identify errors, the home can’t grab, the result we often think of the love of Shanghai home page is the K case.