You are not fit to start a business!

Abstract: sometimes they just invest, I may not help them, and may harm them; know the probability is very small, I do not want to take the risk, whose money is not the wind blowing ah.

old Lu is the VC, early to catch up with the first wave of China’s Internet, with a few buddies do a good Internet gadget, BAT was a high priced acquisition.

old Lu is the main founder, holds the majority of shares, which sold to get 2 hundred million of the cash, but also a lot of shares.

so he turned into a VC agency to look at the TMT project.


and new young often stay up late to work overtime, he usually is everywhere, the platform to cast project station, strings of each platform held by dig roadshow, there is no suitable investment projects.

, according to the old Lu said, he participated in the roadshow, the basic is to play, so far no one project is cast on the road show (often take part in the roadshow do not throw bricks).

basically accounted for his share of the project, are acquaintances and the introduction of the relationship between the user, including some of the tricky professional FA, at least do not have to do their own preliminary screening, quality assurance.

after so many years of thinking, he also summed up a set of their own investment philosophy, in his own words – quite experience.

"is a highly educated"

many investors no longer flaunt their own investment, Dr. returnees and so on, don’t think they are down to earth, the theory is a set of, not what the future of a good study.

old Lu analysis, this situation does have, the news reported that the doctor can not find a job, it does exist, but it is a special case.

tea waiter, you look around you have friends, can not find a job, you have poor living conditions of returnees?

I thought, really not, the old Lu said the right.

he said, in this population, their IQ and EQ are higher than normal, if coupled with some business acumen, founded the project success probability is naturally higher than ordinary people, so I was more inclined to invest in a high degree of talent project.

"male dominated project"

recently invested in Beijing, said Luo Mingxiong, generally do not vote for women, the old Lu said he is most recognized.

did not say the first female children, males of different physiological and psychological, we can observe each investor, every investment institutions, they must be the male founder of the investment more and more representative, like IDG capital, Sequoia Capital Fund, China matrix partners, are basically male >