Luna chubby talk Shanghai dragon optimization company in chicken ribs

search engine optimization in 08, 09 years A new force suddenly rises. by many companies to accept, since the rapid development in the industry, and now the Shanghai dragon industry, although there are still many enterprises in their internal, but to optimize the company more and more, Shanghai dragon business is more like a chicken ribs, tasteless gesture and gradually become the key point of enterprise internal friction, and today a little chubby Luna hopes to share their own, can give the company more and optimization of Shanghai dragon Er have reminded better transformation or planning ahead.

layers to optimize enterprise slowly towards the sun, while a large number of orders for the drag, you need to constantly expand technical personnel to ensure the total increase of the various rankings, intangible costs, while ranking the instability is that the technical staff high wages can not reach agreement and business requirements of enterprises to reduce costs, the technical requirements for higher wages, because many enterprises also need outside technical personnel, so under the conflict, there must be a compromise, but no matter which side is a compromise, the operating costs of enterprises are virtually increased.

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how to optimize the enterprise transformation, in the face of this problem many people may face, I think that might cut the Gordian knot, will optimize the business completely disconnected, first of all, the new order control, prevent the single pile; secondly, effective training of the existing technology, the accumulation of customers effectively filter, put a large amount of the left key, prevent large refund, the other part requires leaders to develop new business or new projects to maintain the company’s normal funding chain, to ensure the normal operation of the company, the smaller the transformation, more quickly, more and more companies need to consider clearly and methods still have a chance. Of course, in addition to the immediate implementation, there is new.

I believe that many friends are engaged in optimization work understanding, optimization of the market, the rapid rise of 08 years and by 2012 the medical industry to optimize the layers of waves, and then to the frequent changes in 2013 monthly love love Shanghai, although Shanghai is not the only search engine in China, but there is no doubt that he is the boss, from green 1 to 2 of the more strict filtering Scindapsus, enterprises have gradually optimize the standardization, and optimize the company more and more can not be a sweep of the business to continue, 1-2 have hundreds of clients, to maintain a good, rely on the chain or a variety of spam is difficult to maintain, not to mention the ranking no traffic, customers will not be silly renewals.


Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to optimize the end is not the sunset

Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to optimize the transformation to

with a variety of optimization chaos optimization from 500 to 5000 yuan, while the same effect guarantee, customer choice is very obvious, and low price, high technology costs, such as instalment to optimize this important business of the company to reconsider, but throw away too accumulation of customers, adhere to, the input-output imbalance. Let the chicken ribs become a key problem in enterprises.