Love Shanghai search Mobile Friendly standard with V1.0 detection tools on-line at the same time

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love Shanghai will be the introduction of specific technical standards. At the same time, in accordance with the "mobile page and site Mobile Friendly" love Shanghai, love Shanghai preferential treatment in RANK, with the mobile page will hurt the user experience, is likely to be love Shanghai transcoding.

A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network December 25th news, this day Shanghai Friendly search Mobile (mobile friendly) standard V1.0 and detection tools online at the same time, it is reported that the release is the mobile friendly version of V1.0 standard, the follow-up will continue to collect feedback and webmaster guidelines for the development of friendly Mobile released as soon as possible.

in 2015 Christmas, the mobile station to the highly anticipated "love Shanghai search Mobile Friendly (mobile friendly) standard V1.0" (referred to as "Mobile Friendly" love Shanghai) officially unveiled. With the "love" of Shanghai Mobile Friendly, so that the majority of mobile station mobile station to truly understand their own problems, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and launched a mobile friendly detection tool! The tools for page analysis, report page is used for the design of browsing on a mobile device, and gives the optimization suggestions. The following tools function screenshot, come try your website.

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