Cancel love Shanghai Links snapshot time to see what property exchange

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on the exchange Links, before Xi’an Shanghai dragon has written several times about the Links exchange articles, because Links is a very important factor in the website optimization, so we as Shanghai Longfeng specialist, pay more attention to the.

exchange Links specialist all pay attention to things, because if a website are not even included, not to mention ranking. This is also the Links specialist are the most basic things, corporate websites included mostly hundreds of articles, because there are not so many updates. Information portal site included are to 10000 units of measurement.

so today we in a long winded, at present, Shanghai love love Shanghai search engine to cancel the snapshot, we should pay attention to what the property exchange Links.

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many Links exchange Commissioner in exchange Links, emphasize the site are less than 30, in fact, this emphasis on my personal feeling a bit redundant, as long as the derived normal, other attribute matching, less than 100 are no problem.

correlation is one of the most important aspects of the internal optimization Website optimization, mainly to see each other exchange website home page and column, column to the correlation between crude and content, and the content of home for the three, will go better, that is a strong correlation between the web. Of course Links exchange website and your website should have some relevance.

Correlation of

two, website content

in Shanghai love search engine is not canceled when the love of Shanghai time snapshot, many exchange Links Commissioner, in exchange Links, are more concerned about is love Shanghai snapshot date time. But this year, Shanghai canceled love love Shanghai snapshot time, so now we exchange Links, mainly to see what aspects of the property.

are the most talked about, that is.

website, many people pay more attention to the number included, actually this kind of practice is not entirely correct. We should pay attention to the site included rate, the overall content of the so-called citation rate is the website included scale, more high-quality website, included the proportion will be higher. A simple example of a website for a total of 100 articles, included 80 pages; another site, a total of 1000 articles, 120 articles included, then the quality which the site is good, the answer I Needless to say, we have a clear mind.

three, the other website links derived type

five, the website weight

Four, the number of

other site exchange links, and they must demand is not related to the site itself, export industry disorderly. And all the regular industry, prohibited export sensitive, illegal, in violation of state laws and policies of the site, such Links we put an end to the exchange.

This is the Shanghai dragon