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has no advertising and low-key expansion female yoga clothing brand Lululemon recently began to change, not only issued a no yoga pants of large advertising, also intends to settled in the most prosperous Fifth Avenue, 18 years of personal independence of conduct be broken, a little.


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in recent years, the small Lululemon Yoga brand quickly became popular in the United States Canada, can be said to make women crazy, the brightest star Avril, Bokiy ·, Jennifer · small silk; Garner wore Lululemon yoga pants. Lululemon is almost in line with all current consumer trends: consumption upgrades, lifestyle, scene experience, sports, leisure and market segments, and it’s no wonder that it was a red cannon.

however, when the giants began to enter the sport as if wakening from a dream, the wind, the Lululemon situation is not so wonderful. Since last year, Lululemon is not very satisfactory, although the performance of double-digit growth, but it is not expected to reach Wall Street, leading to a fall in share prices.

analysts believe that Nike, Adidas and other brands of LV, chase, Gucci and other luxury goods gradually overweight sports leisure sports.

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, according to Peng Bo, people familiar with the matter say Lululemon plans to rent a store in Fifth Avenue, New York, for a term of about a year. The shop covers an area of about 8000 square feet 743 square meters. As America’s retail sector is depressed, Lululemon is picking up a bargain and rents are about 2% less than last year.

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Lululemon has been more restrained, publicity and shop in the more low-key. Before setting up shop in North America, this year officially landed in china. Lululemon does not want to spend money on celebrity endorsements, the star is entirely because of excellent products and obligations propaganda. Lululemon’s promotional approach is to build a yoga and running club around the line, bringing together a wide range of female consumers and advocating a healthy and sunny lifestyle.

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this way of publicity for Lululemon has brought a lot of traffic, and drive girls practicing yoga, and buy products. Cultivation of high-quality products, early entry into the market advantage and unique way of life to let Lululemon have some pricing power, the products are expensive but carrying a woman to live for his spirit, so most people are willing to pay.

in the brand who can not afford the high rents, pulled out of the Fifth Avenue, when various retailers closed shop scale, Lululemon is like a special case, began a series of expansion from a small minority to the public.


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