The website should do swagger and short


from "swagger" in this way, the author used the "user experience" to do a simple example, the reality of our own website may not only in this one link, the contents of the article, key settings and so on, can we have and they do not have the advantage, we should good at finding their own advantages, and how to develop their own advantages, to play to the extreme. But in order to catch up with the competitor’s website, I think the light is inadequate.

relative to the "swagger", "short" seems to be easier, because most of the time our website is not outstanding in the same site, which reflects our website from the comprehensive index, lower than the competitor’s website, also is the existence of their disadvantages. For example, our ranking not others, we can analysis the chain a competitors website, found that the outer chain quantity, quality, or both than we have an advantage more, this time we can use the analysis of competitors, how they do, where to do, our job is to make up the shortage of us, so slowly the advantage over competitors.

only "swagger" and ">

no two identical leaves in the world, the site is the same, each site has its own advantages, for competitors web site traffic, we may not have them, but we also have their own advantages, for example, our website content quality, they can meet the users need relative to the user experience on the one hand, naturally show their own advantages, so we have to do is to put the user experience in this area to do better, to maximize, let competitors more difficult than our website. Although we do not necessarily catch up with competitors website, but it is certainly a big change before.

many times, after the webmaster in site and find their own weaknesses is not a patient "s". Some owners found their own websites and other web site traffic is far lower than the others, the owners felt love over their website keyword set no, so frequent revision sites, making the site of serious dishonesty in the search engine, more and more low weight. I want to tell you, "short" is not "short", is to be in their original basis complement or even catch up with their own shortcomings.


as the saying goes, "survival of the fittest in natural selection survival of the fittest". It is a competition that makes us human progress, to the small side, do they not so? It is because of every hue website industry website emerge in an endless stream, more and more competitive, often makes websites that can withstand the test of the last laugh, here, I draw a conclusion: the site in order to be eliminated in the survival of the fittest competition, be sure to do "swagger" and "short.