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Adsense Encyclopedia WIKI often see a lot of people to do the reverse link effect is good in that? What is a high quality, I will come here to talk about his own views. Increase backlinks every day should be gradual, stable and orderly, remember not instant success, the chain group software to do the reverse link, must be added manually, pay particular attention to the place, the link is not only in a certain place, must be diversified, not only a variety of spider love fresh the content, also love the reverse link, so rich and colorful, in doing the reverse link do not rely on a way, such as: soft, BSP forum, blog, independent blog, bookmarks, DMOZ directory, know the answer, love the experience of Shanghai, blog etc. are a good place to do the reverse link.

as everyone knows, friends of the chain link is an important factor to improve website ranking, but it is not so easy to find high quality chain, then how should we look for friends of the chain? In a chain, the basic reference standard I believe we all know, website snapshot, website update and included, outbound links, but when we refer to the above standard, determine the site links are of high quality to do? Is actually very simple, Links also means that the friendship, you first have to build up good relations with a period of time after do the link, then it will be easy to believe many, but if only that fear is not enough, after all the social existence of friendship is also due to the interests of existing, so you have to take your hand and change his resources to meet him. When you need to reach a consensus situation, link nature is not a problem.

two, the actual password

said it is very simple, if you have a lot of resources, you can increase the number of inbound links to a site on your own, the weights of the website promotion is very helpful. If you have a blog habit then, just can be used, I do micro-blog station, fully use their own hands and colleagues hand BSP blog resources, together with dozens of BSP, each blog for my micro-blog marketing Station with a one-way guide link in addition, there are some independent blog site in the company is also appropriate to add some, but there is a point to say that the link is good, but for a new site, but can not be greedy.

three, actual combat password link


chain is every Shanghai dragon are very headache, now the chain construction is more and more difficult, the chain of high quality health is more difficult, but the chain for the emperor and Shanghai dragon are respected the truth, without strong support the chain site to rank, who let it be the key factors of the website ranking? Therefore, followed by the Wikipedia WIKI for everyone opened the site outside the chain of combat skills password puzzle.