Why in the hundreds of new chain struggling

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keyword ranking influence many aspects, never should you love Shanghai in the chain of hair products will make your ranking has greatly improved. If the chain anchor text is still have a certain influence on the keywords in Shanghai love point URL link personally feel useful.

in Post Bar, know too much love Shanghai feathers, that I don’t have to. Do not know the truth. Interested friends can go to do the next experiment. The A5 had seen others should be made too much love suddenly reduced the flow of Shanghai, think it is very probable. Love is hard to fathom the heart of Shanghai

The first time

heald said above, nor tell you can not fall in love with the sea surface outside the chain. Just love Shanghai’s chain and we do not want so good, "

everyone in Shanghai love the product chain is the value of the love Shanghai product can bring higher weight to other sites to your own website, because love Shanghai large user base can also bring a lot of traffic. Do not deny that in the encyclopedia, know, experience inside the chain can bring traffic to their website. But the weight can bring this? I can’t say absolutely, but I personally think that only in his products with a URL own can bring much weight? Love Shanghai will give their products weight high, will give you a high weight website link to the Shanghai? Love is not a fool, but also smart dehen. You gave him the encyclopedia in the end how you optimize your site have no way to wait in front of him. Don’t look at the key words Shanghai dragon is the best example, although you do not, others will do not add your link to do. Love can only blame shame on Shanghai


you should see a lot of friends to write the chain of love experience in Shanghai products, mostly emphasize the account level, for the love of Shanghai audit efforts is very high, the low level of the account could not send the chain. Even if the high level account or have restrictions on the number of posts, my own experience in 3 to change within IP. Then even if the answer by also received the audit, have still to delete advertising. To cultivate high level. This is not only time consuming, but also have to say a bit below, will not bring high weight to you.

third, do not improve the keywords ranking

a lot of people think Shanghai to love their products weight is very high, the chain can obtain very high weight can also attract a lot of traffic in Shanghai on their products. Some friends also suggested sex Encyclopedia of Shanghai and then take our link is equivalent to love Shanghai identity of your website, you are on this keyword authority. I think these views are wrong, in fact many examples also proved that this is wrong. We are going to talk about why not love Shanghai products on the chain.


second, will not bring high weight

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