The pros and cons of submission A5 webmaster network



4, derived from the article itself, may bring unexpected benefits to their own.

the role of the chain, the chain is generally the value according to the scarcity of links where the website weight, form of links and links. Here, have to mention the submission A5 webmaster network.

It is self-evident ?

2, with the help of A5 high weight website platform, give a high quality the chain

chain is easy, not easy to send a high quality the chain

today Xiaobin want to share a little experience on the site outside the chain to everyone.

3 and many other sites may collect your articles, usually retain your links, this will bring a large number of rich resources outside the chain of

A5, so it is easy to find search outside, a push on webmaster forums are full of links everywhere, may return to a post with a link to the success of the full sense of pride. But in such a link to flood the site, a small link so small you can much effect? As Shanghai dragon er you want


first, the high weight A5 submission everyone is understanding the link scarcity, understand the point of the A5 webmaster should understand, contribute to the need to go through the audit, and the general nutrition article is copied, did not pass, so this is a threshold, that the A5 station network the hair of the chain link and produce value, generally in the form of pure text outside the chain, although this is a form of the chain in the worst, but the real value is not here.

A5 submission successful value lies not only in the A5 station network itself, but this is the value of the platform, because A5 has a large amount of users with certain authority, and the user submitted to the article itself has certain reading, it will bring the following benefits:


what to take to save my original

1, a large number of users through the chain, to bring your own web site of IP

said the site outside the chain, you may think more is to go to various forums outside the chain, signature on links, blog and so on, because of the way the chain is easier, so this way is more popular in Shanghai dragon in favor of er.

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Read the The value of

a lot of friends is their website original article submission to A5, may think of such a problem is: This article is your site original? Will be A5 of the original

A5 article in

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