The five major factors to answer web page snapshot not update

webmaster to save trouble, use the method of false original update the content of the website, what is more direct with terminal to other web crawling content, so that the search engine to visit your website and found your website content it has grabbed many times, your site will lose interest. Just let you eat the same food every day, I believe you will not want to eat. So the search engine also love new things, write some original thing, will definitely benefit from your website.

fourth: non original web content

: the first page keywords much repetition

maybe the reason of the job is busy, forget to update the content; or, update website content with the website itself is not related, so slowly, the search engine will think your site is not what is worth the user to view things, gradually reduce the frequency of information acquisition to your web site, here is to make your website snapshot content stagnant. Website optimization industry so popular saying "content is king", so according to the verification of predecessors, this is indeed a very worthy of the webmaster thinking elements. Update the site regularly, not three days fishing nets two days of drying. Do everything Guizaijianchi!

third: website content update of

webmasters to make web site keywords ranking higher on the page with a lot of making up the same keywords, search engine can be accurately analyzed webmaster intentions, and give the website of punishment. Long time not included or put the website into a "sandbox" assessment.

contains low weight siteMost of the

fifth: the server is not stable

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site responsible person is afraid is most worried about the snapshot not update the file or suddenly. Certainly will do anything to find out the reasons, he resolved to the fastest speed.

site will have Links area, add Links is one thing every webmaster will do, the weight of Links also affects the love of Shanghai station was included, if you connect to a low weight website, love Shanghai corresponding will reduce the weight of your site; if you link the site to be search engine punishment, then your website will be punished possible. So the webmaster must always pay attention to their website in Links if there are problems, don’t let Links down your site.

owners are most worried about is the day the server broke down, users do not have access to their own websites, like ants on a hot pan, round and round. If this is just a search engine to crawl your site, it tells you that your website will no doubt be the search engine drop right. So stable server is very important.

second: Links