Summary of 2012 and nobility baby love Shanghai algorithm

2012.4.24, Penguin clean up over Shanghai dragon baby noble website

2012.1.15, Panda 3.2

page layout algorithm, the first screen to see useful content. The adjustment algorithm affected less than 1% of the consequences will be. Noble baby blog: we hope that users will be able to see, and not always scroll down if you first see the page without an intuitive first screen on the content of many, perhaps to occupy a lot of page layout,

2011.2.24 Panda

2012.1.19, the noble baby page layout algorithm

2012.11.5 Panda 21

against the nobility baby content farms

2011.2.24, Panda 1.0

2012.6.21, love Shanghai anti cheating algorithms update

this is the upgrade this year to make the greatest nobility baby one algorithm, a common cause of concern in the whole world. Noble baby panda blow content garbage farm, update updating algorithm, the upgrade affects 12% of the search results, have caused a significant effect on some large sites. By 2012 Panda update times set up frequently, for the Panda algorithm to update the list:

without warning, June 22, 2012 and June 28th love a large area of Shanghai K station, because the update range is very large, killed dozens of regular stations directly caused tens of thousands of tens of thousands of webmaster webmaster outrage, malicious click love Shanghai auction.

2012, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology fully conservative, aristocratic and baby love Shanghai in the fight against artificial chain to make a large number of algorithm updates, the chain can naturally, this paper lists this year large-scale search engine algorithm update following Lou song song took everyone look at this year’s search algorithm change.

> Google

2012.9.18, Panda 3.9.2

Google launched penguin in April. Shanghai dragon too began to clean up the site, especially for the website link exchange, use a lot of black chain and other traditional promotion way "to fight the Shanghai dragon".

in the webmaster cries, also love Shanghai epoch-making issued announcement said: the new algorithm against low quality website love Shanghai has come into force. In the face of pressure, love Shanghai for every important algorithm updates will be announced, and the formation of the norm in today.


2012.9.27, Panda 20