Pay attention to the website ranking we can not only pay attention to the external factors

just yesterday, and friends together to participate in the Anti Japanese demonstrations, and many have infinite patriotic people together, in the hope of national crisis (9.18) patriotism to vent some of their own, coupled with the recent small Japan is too rampant, as Chinese is really sit still, so leave the office to give vent heart depressed mood, everybody is in high spirits, but I don’t understand why someone is always a fun way, follow the crowd laughing and talking, this should be a very serious and solemn moment ah, here, I was reminded of the news reports on the Patriots often hit the Japanese car boycott, problem, I am in favor of the rational patriotic point of view, I am also a rational patriot, clarify, not Japanese goods in, so not to own property test Worry, just stand on the angle urged everyone to rationally deal with the matter of Japanese goods. Well, do not pay attention, did not expect to say so many irrelevant words, or to go to business now.

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indeed, tell the truth is not what specific theory can determine the ranking of internal factors, so that our understanding of this aspect will be very vague, we are not sure whether the internal cause of the decline in ranking websites, here, not only in the list after finishing, can only affect the internal factors the website ranking for discussion.

yesterday morning a friend called me, said his website keywords drop in ranking fell in love with the sea, swearing that love such a pile of Shanghai…… Finally, ask me if I love Shanghai and what the algorithm change. About the recent is not heard, I asked him to look at his chain off, there is not Links what is not to be deleted, or see if your website fell. At night, he said over the phone that is normal ah, I think that the problem may be in the website itself, I asked him the website should be updated frequently, he said recently because of too many things, so when the update is to take the hair before the article put it up, then I want to be the problem here, I finally let him look at the effect of the first update these articles. After suddenly aware of a mistake I have made many people often make, we think the first time in the rankings after the fall is always the chain ah, competitors and so on external factors, but ignore their website is because of the internal causes of the decline in the rankings.

content is king the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar needless to say, your site must be special, we treat the search engine just like a child, you do not give him some fresh and interesting things, he will love you, of course not are original, even also must reprint the limit, as long as the proportion of reasonable control within a suitable range (best original 3:1 reprint, personal opinion), but sometimes even if I >