n order to meet the needs of all users in Shanghai only pursuit of dragon and Phoenix

next love Shanghai search engine from the point of specific analysis of specific practices from the website to the website construction of the specific operation of each link in a series of "white Shanghai dragon" means, and analyzes some search engines must contain, against "negative black hat Shanghai dragon" case, hope the webmaster, Shanghai Dragon ER warning.

first, it must be pointed out that most of the time, like China all of today’s well-known brands, Shanghai is also the most faithful love of its users, the grassroots webmaster lack of emotional respect, it must be admitted that, in the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2", not only the majority of owners love Shanghai Huyou and the Shanghai dragon ER, and also between the lines to maximize the express and webmasters sincere communication share interactive desire.

from "love in the twinkling of an eye, Shanghai SEO Guide 2" has been released for half a year, regardless of Shanghai dragon ER or webmaster, it is no longer fresh.

of the vast majority of grassroots webmaster is sympathetic to the economic dilemma expressed love Shanghai as the largest search engine Chinese should concern, so webmaster share sincere communication interactive desire is also reflected in the love of Shanghai webmaster, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix ER Shanghai dragon behavior through induction.


communication attitude so that equality of frank, when talking about the webmaster and the Shanghai dragon ER who are concerned the Shanghai of Shanghai dragon love attitude, "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" said: "(Shanghai dragon) a class called" the white hat Shanghai Dragon ‘, the Shanghai Dragon play the effect of improvement and specification of website design, make it more friendly to search engine and users; and that the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER hope that through a variety of unremittingly "white hat Shanghai dragon" means from the search engine "to obtain more reasonable flow" desire is the search engine can be understood and vigorously support, show the love of Shanghai "to encourage and support the" white Shanghai dragon "basic attitude.

this is a real problem!

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Jingxiaxinlai, from A to Z read several times, carefully pondering thinking after the discovery, in fact, "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" said in Shanghai Longfeng ideas we did not really understand, but did not apply.

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must be especially emphasized is that in less than 12000 words "love Shanghai SEO Guide 2", love Shanghai from website domain name selection, before each site of Shanghai Longfeng motive and objective aspects, not to mind taking the trouble to remind the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng method must focus on user experience, all the way Shanghai Dragon to win more and more customers, and then win the user’s recommendation for the ultimate goal.