From the founder to small potatoes cartoon keeper Wang Wei in 26 months, what have you done

Wang Wei hopes to the spotlight animation "Chinese pixar".

two days ago, the domestic animated film "little keeper" held a press conference in Beijing Wanda CBD theater.

Wang Wei didn’t attend the rehearsal that morning. The "small keeper" screenwriter and director, the spotlight animation CEO still as usual, the meeting came to the office, just before the conference came to the scene, at the beginning and end stage "made a soy sauce".

most of the time, Wang Wei sat quietly at the table, looked at his partner on the big screen behind the delta share making this movie story, showing the trailer, and the introduction of partners to the presence of the media and guests.

"if it is to release a product, such as specific to talk about a cell phone is what kind of. But after all, is a movie, good, how to sell, the producer said it would be more appropriate." Second days after the conference, Wang Wei sat in the spotlight animation office in Beijing, and we explain why such arrangements.

This arrangement makes some

directed Wang Wei to some people feel lost, successful entrepreneurial experience and he has on the Internet circle is rare literary flavor, let him become a different commercial star. Many fans follow so far.

3 years ago, tired of the video industry copyright price war, Wang Wei sold his own potato network founded for 7 years. A year later, he and two other partners in the Delta, Yuan Ye founded the spotlight animation to make Chinese best animated film, do Chinese Picks (Pixar).


two venture, spotlight naturally followed by playing. And Wang Wei chose to "hide".

he left the noisy Zhongguancun, the spotlight animation office located in an international art district on the outskirts of Beijing, on highway two, near the most famous landmark is the Beijing SciTech outlet; he is not active in social media, attend industry events are often COO in Delta, if you want to find him. And the best way is to go to the entrance of the company, as long as no other arrangements, he will always stay in the company. If you are lucky, you can see him riding his BMW motorcycle.

in potatoes, Wang Wei’s character is a product manager; and to the light, his status as a screenwriter and director, became an artist". This shift in identity attracted a lot of controversy — one to engage in the Internet, video to the story, but also their own when the director, or animation director, sounds like Arabian Nights.

Wang Wei believes that before his own book, in New York, Paris, Shanghai and other places of life, provide a lot of material and inspiration for him, and he had written a book and play in writing a story on this matter, is not no "