The website how to reach the second.

website: website content must be original, patient

the second effect figure five:

The second condition of three

website seconds two: website internal conditions must meet the requirements of

website seconds: domain name must be a new domain name

the second effect figure four:


according to the above test we can draw the following website realize seconds condition:

the second effect figure two:

the second effect figure six:

seconds renderings of a:

from this point can be seen in another problem, the old domain name search engine is indeed inside the database is memory, if the old domain name on the old site if there is a problem, or the revision of the situation, so that the old domain is likely to be put into a period of study, which appeared in K station or drop right the problem is, we often say that the sandbox, of course, the length of time the study period, we ordinary people are unable to judge.

seconds, is set up in the website, in the shortest possible time, realize the search engine indexing process, in order to test to achieve the second charge state under what conditions, long Yu specially set up ten new sites to test the seconds, said first test results, ten sites there are six realized in half an hour to reach the second state, as follows:

Long Yu used to experiment, there are six new domain name, four old domain, realize the seconds state is a new domain name, and the four old domain name without exception, did not realize the seconds, through this we can see that if you want to achieve the second state, the website should be must be a new domain name, the old domain possibility of the seconds is relatively low.

love is either Shanghai or Google, a search engine optimization guide such as, if a Shanghai dragon er not to the most basic have not yet mastered, it is like the construction of edifice foundation is not good, it is very dangerous.

The so-called

the second effect figure three:


such as dead links, hidden connection must be removed in the home page, column page three label writing, do not appear the phenomenon of keyword stuffing, and setting the site navigation settings page, should try to meet the "love Shanghai search engine optimization refers to the South".

must not be allowed to collect or use false original articles to fill, the initial site should not be too much, updated daily articles also need not too much, 1-3 article can, in order to avoid home and fill all of plagiarism, false original article to get web page full, long Yu’s view is: rather an empty site, but also not to have the four copy, pseudo original, are very suitable for the principle of what time it.