Gaoliangjiu leave the tag flow easily soar to double label

4, a clear structure, enhance the user experience.

Long before

because the navigation location area is limited, so a lot of time some relatively important program will not be able to demonstrate, but more important is the site of the structure can not be too bulky, the overall program is also very limited, in this case, the emergence of tag is very good to make up for this situation. Each small tag label actually may be a small column, or small topic. But there is the possibility of obtaining ranking. Is very helpful to enrich the website.

tag the most ferocious industry is the medical industry, when we search a lot of keywords, always can see some of the medical station, more important is to open in just one page will find the polymerization of tag, there is no actual content, but the structure is very good, the page layout is reasonable, so even if no content. Can still get a good ranking, that love students used tag to study medical website. Learn their techniques. This is not the focus of this article, so far.

2, is conducive to the increase in the chain, facilitate the search engines crawl the content.

recently in the process of the operation of the site, repeatedly on the tag tag was tested after I had said something about tag optimization, and the role it says yes, but recent tests show that tag labels should be according to their own situation to choose, is not necessarily a need, sometimes even backfire. First, it has the advantages of.

3, on the website column effectively supplement, play special role.

1, label aggregation content, is conducive to direct access to hospital station using the highest ranking.

said in the chain structure, generally do better for hexun. But with the use of it is a variety of what list of related content, recently updated, popular content, hot column and so on, to gather content using this way. After tag, keen to study the structure of the operators began to give up the list, and use a lot of tag to enhance the content of polymerization, chain. Especially the concept of popular Web2.0, tag label is also increasingly popular, and is widely applied to various websites, CMS manufacturers have to conform to the situation, the tag implant system. Of course, the use of CMS for the present owners, carefully use the tag tag is not much, it is to enhance the chain in fact, search engines crawl convenience or great effect.

tag should be placed on the more prominent position, in addition to the search engines, users will find their own love of the content from the tag, we often see some of the sites in the tag occupy a large piece of riotous with colour area, click rate, tag font and color is different, it even oneself also love Shanghai used to love Shanghai billboard. In this way, can improve the user.