19 year old female VC share 55 experiences for you to resolve the venture capital circle of those th

6., firm, but not aggressive, quit glass heart, brave send a document. You can push Terry to participate in the discussion, even if you think they are not suitable for this group; ask questions, even if these problems are stupid; generous and share their ideas, give a topic to provide a unique perspective, firm faith, the courage to express their own ideas, so that these ideas have the mistake. Not stubborn, not rude, not annoying. However, the most important thing is to be willing to learn from others and develop a developing attitude.

3 convince the founder to take your money. As a VC, you have to create an image of yourself that will add value to the company and offer a solid shoulder to the founder when it comes to tough times.

my understanding of VC industry

4., take the last one: ask more, ask a few questions. Dig in until you have no words to ask.

if you’re a founder, novice, VC, or dream of being a VC, this article might help you.

1. this job is not available. I knew that VC was an irregular job, but I didn’t expect to be so undisciplined".

7. consumer technology is divided into two categories: social and transactional electricity providers, finance, technology, health technology, real estate, etc..

1 goes into an investment round – including a company that calls for a complex and stable network of people, and relationships with entrepreneurs;

editor’s note: the writer is Tiffany Zhong, 18, a full-time analyst at Binary Capital, an early consumer technology venture company, now a freshman at University of California at Berkeley.

this article is divided into three parts: a survey and understanding of the entire venture industry, advice to the founder, and suggestions for new venture capitalists.

2. VC workflow: understanding / Networking + judgment + winning. Venture capital is basically three things:

network, quit his job in 0 case of deposits, ready to go all out on the network to make a lot of people, and now, I think I must be able to earn money in the short term, but it did not, I just start to see what the project will try to do, without any what is the concept of flow based, even I do not know, ultimately did not earn a penny, but I believe I can do it, I also carefully analyzed the reasons, I need to solve the two problems, how to solve the problem of life, how to make money slowly. I think the reason why I didn’t earn money at that time, one may be what I have no network knowledge, one is that I did not find the way to make money, watching the N how to do network within the article, I decided to start learning from life, but it does not solve the problem, then spent several hundred yuan to buy a project, but still did not make money, ask the seller, the seller gave me the answer is, what I sell it to you, what you sell to others on the line, I said that you lied to me, then I go to cheat others? I angrily put the project in the delete computer. I had a lot of projects, can make money I do, the first income is 15 yuan, is in Taobao earned, Taobao gave me confidence, so I to start Taobao, then sell the mass software, because learning a lot, also observed the high credibility of the store a lot of peers. Learn from their strengths, from that time I entered the network less than a month, every day I in Taobao revenue 60 yuan, very stable. Finally, more slowly

into the network, if you earn money every day from the beginning, to sustain life, they are good enough, one can own confidence, on the one hand can not work to support themselves, more important is that you will see your progress in every day. If you let the site directly make money, there may be some difficulty, because there are many concepts and knowledge, you need to study and practice. A person’s network knowledge determines his network consciousness, and his consciousness is proportional to his income. Also don’t compare with others, a person can not say from 0 income instantly become 500 yuan / day income. Others earn more because they are more careful and conscientious than you. When you are serious, you will find that earning 300500 on the Internet is very simple. You don’t earn money because you don’t know how to do it, and you don’t understand the method you need to learn. For new people, I would suggest to do Taobao first, do Taobao, every day can not take much time, and will not delay your learning, Taobao is a sale of goods, you bought things?

8. for evaluation >

5. remain skeptical. Don’t believe everything you hear. I don’t want to sound cynical, but unfortunately, it’s the truth.

a newbie because do not know of network knowledge, so it is difficult to make money in a short time, in the network are mostly young people, not what economic source, life may have become a problem for a while, though I say people, I also said my feelings, because I came from the novice, just started when the network, without work, hunger is homely food for me.

2 assesses potential investments and trains the ability to select winners from thousands of companies;

3. I learned how to ask better questions. Obviously, before I underestimated the difficulty and importance of asking questions. After listening to numerous Justin and Jon questions about creative enterprises, I took enough notes and learned how to ask good questions. The key point is to clearly state what you know and frankly admit what you don’t understand. Secondly, the most important thing is to learn to listen.

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