High school graduates can make a lot of online hot notesAs a manager, you should understand the five

since there are enterprises 2, then there must be enterprises 1. The so-called enterprise 1, that is, most of our company now employs the traditional office style, such as –

· Evernote, micro cloud, cool disk cloud storage software for file sharing;

Wen / Ming, vice president, Xu Wei,

"I graduated from an exemplary high school in this city and would like to provide school-based teaching materials, examination papers and notes with limited materials……" Opening soon, the reporter found that some prospective college students "to take the" fishing ", in various forums, Post Bar, Taobao online selling prestigious papers, notes, textbooks and other internal information, the business is very good. However, some people questioned the behavior of students violated the teacher’s copyright, a controversial time.

and when Web2.0 came out some similar, enterprise 2 this concept out later, we found that although many articles, but finished reading, still don’t know what it is. As a practitioner of the 2 industry, I want to make clear the language in a more user-friendly language.

‘s 2 revolution is that it introduces social relationships to the office space, allowing some of them


· complete process approval with OA system;

· use project management software to control the project process;

I am × × school graduate; has been accepted by Jiaotong university. Willing to provide the school materials, coaching books, examination notes, sharing examination experience, and growing experience. Limited material, unlimited experience." An advertisement before a forum has attracted the attention of reporters. The reporter then contacted the seller, claiming to be a graduated from a school in Pudong Zhang Tongxue introduced her business: "notes have been sold out, mainly according to the teacher on the blackboard and finishing, both knowledge collection, there are also supporting examples, a price of 15 yuan." Xiao Zhang said, "clear knowledge, well written notes" will provide many new high school students convenient, save time, but also improve learning efficiency. Spotted a business opportunity, Zhang decided to sell only copies, "genuine" will not be sold.

enterprise 2 also called enterprise social collaboration, is the first by the Harvard Business School professor Andrew · McAfee Andrew McAfee in the spring of 2006 in the "Sloan management review" MIT Sloan Management Review first proposed. According to the definition of Andrew · and McAfee, "enterprise 2" is the application of social software among enterprises, between enterprises and enterprises, and between enterprises and their partners and customers. The core idea of enterprise 2 is communication and cooperation.

"moreover, the hot demand is the school’s internal test paper."." Xiao Zhang said, she has a complete set of senior three papers, most of which are subject to the experience of the teacher’s painstaking efforts condensed, and the high school review very helpful. "The students may not be obtained, all the papers number change, the answer has a detailed analysis of the above, but also a good plan for key and difficult." As soon as the post was issued, it was touted by many parents: "I would like to buy 198 yuan for all your notes." some impatient parents "immediately quote" for fear of being robbed by others, "baby."".


, but don’t forget, work is teamwork. We can only emerge organically, and the forces of cooperation can emerge. Enterprise 2 and core values are "focus group intelligence" and activate personnel motivation". Through the knowledge dispersed in the brain of enterprise employees, the communication cost of enterprise internal information is reduced, and the external information superiority is formed.

The core difference between


· uses various GTD software to carry on the task reminder;

selling notes for alleged infringement

· communicate with email, , WeChat, Wangwang and other online communication tools;


· manage personal schedules with software such as outlook;

graduates sell notes online

reporter interviewed found that soon after school, many "quasi college students" in order to earn some pocket money racking their brains, some forums, paste, Taobao and so on, have become three high data publicity, hot places. "My classmates also opened a Taobao store to sell high school materials, in order to broaden the sales channels, he suggested that I do a little business together, and then yell a few times on the forum." Xiao Zhang said.

although at the top of the paper, printed with "internal information, strictly forbidden", "XX teacher teaching materials" and so on. But these "quasi college students" do not mind, "three high" have passed, these words have long been not binding". Nowadays, students who sell school papers and teacher notes are in the minority. A graduate student of an exemplary high school in Huangpu District sold a copy of his senior three language test paper and made a profit of 35 yuan. But when a reporter asked whether it violated the teacher’s copyright, students admitted that they did not feel anything wrong with it. "From the management to the present, no teacher has come forward to stop us."."

enterprise 1 and enterprise 2 is that one is from the personal office demand, and the other is from the overall office demand of the enterprise. If you simply start from personal office, then the above software is enough.