Site optimization strategy of BR9

Shanghai is not even the weight of love love Shanghai official, but when the website optimization, website promotion weight is still love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er focus. Then the weights of the 9 webmaster tools to analyze website is an optimization way how? The catch up from behind Gao Quanzhong website Shanghai Longfeng, where is it? The optimization strategy of Shanghai Longfeng Dennis to analysis on the BR9 website and everyone today.

is a weight of 10 of the website Dennis has not seen, but the weight is 9 or a part of the site. As everyone knows, the IP level and the weights of the website are closely related to the weight of 9 of the estimated amount of IP website broken million, under such circumstances, the general small business station is obviously difficult, but this is not to say that there is no way they optimize the use of our. On the contrary, they occupied our point of view is to optimize the secondary learning object.

Of course,

to do high weight website, first of all we have to understand the characteristics of the site. Now the common type of Web site, there is a corporate Web site, movie website, gift website, portal website, classified information website, medical website etc.. We want to know the different types of Web site the user needs is different, and then we focus the optimization also requires a corresponding change. In the traditional optimization methods of maintaining the status quo and existing network optimization mechanism has been out of touch.

for example, the optimization of the enterprise site to locate keywords as the base, enterprises especially small business station is now in the network world common website, the number of million to the base. According to the needs of the industry, the enterprise will do keywords station location by user demand and industry product aspect, kicked out by means of the weights of the brush site outside the station to get high weight, enterprises must use a hot word to bring traffic to the site. Before I have Dennis strict, implicit demand words and vocabulary is the professional winner to bring marketing words for the site, need long-term operation of popular vocabulary is able to directly enhance the weights of the key word site.

say the movie site, now open source multimedia era, video site number is difficult to estimate, the leading video station is an audience due to their natural self-evident, website weight. The new video site in order to break the monopoly, will now cater to the latest user demand, the first move. Whether to provide video download, mobile phone watch or directly support APP client, whether can the first time update, whether the relevant information the popular TV characters are the key points to film site optimization strategy.

gift site, this kind of site targeted relatively strong, and many have been integrated into the product’s website and online shopping sites, or we can call it a free trial. This kind of site audience is mainly "analysis", it is necessary for users to be arranged, such as the product delivery time, product type, object and so on are to go through the analysis of user data to.