The depth of thinking what is the Shanghai dragon!


flyers: summer selling for the winter moisturizing sunscreen,

I entered Shanghai Longfeng business has been 5 months, this time in thinking about a problem, what is the Shanghai dragon? Of course, if the literal is Search Engine Optimization, Shanghai dragon, is the meaning of "search engine optimization Chinese". But I don’t want to know the answer so intuitive, so as a fool, I continue to think "Shanghai dragon is what

flyers role, not only to let you know the target consumers are engaged in promotion, but in order to reach a deal! Any means of marketing to the final purpose is to let consumers pay, so how can consumers voluntarily took out his wallet inside the money to you? This is where we have problems as marketing personnel. Is this flyer role is to make consumers feel profitable! Summer selling for the winter sun, moisture, these highly seasonal products, which is the functional products, can use a very low price, even the purchase price to attract eyeballs, and then through these bring popularity, to sell other high profits the goods, and even reached the joint sales, let those little girls to buy very cheap sunscreen or moisturizing products to wring a lot of irrelevant things back to

is such a search engine optimization process, so I think to send leaflets DM days. Because I have such a habit, is the recruitment leafleted member must choose a, to come to interview the beautiful girls to stay, the purpose is to let the flyers arrival rate improved. What are the benefits of doing so? At that time as the skin care products distributor, the author knows that a successful flyers can bring much value, as long as the leaflets at the design stage, to promote the most effective information in a very obvious style recommend out, so long as can be sent to the target consumers hands, will be able to greatly enhance the success rate of sales promotion. The beautiful girl can let the target consumers have a sense of trust on the product! So on the details of the optimization can make successful flyers to maximize the arrival rate, in order to reflect the effect of promotion.

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Shanghai Dragon: how to make the target consumers interested in our website


through this several months of work, the author found that the industry role you have written is very obvious…… Never understand the significance and role of anchor text, to know how to promote a rise in the sense of the original keyword, almost can through this kind of means for potential consumers to find the product he wants, but this method also allows businesses to sell products they want to recommend to their target customers.

in Shanghai dragon is the same, not simply a keyword ranking do even first, but to let the target consumers see the keyword found profitable

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