Shanghai dragon take important work in the first place

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this topic, it is very simple, is the most important problem facing the choice to do or choose the most urgent to do, there is a logical thinking problem. For example, someone is busy doing a website optimization work, the boss gave a lot to make site optimization, the first site is not optimized, the other site was still there waiting. A colleague looked very anxious to say, the efficiency of your approach is too low, the first improvement method to improve the efficiency of it. Someone said that this station is not optimized, which have time to study, and continue to do the work. This colleague asked, what time do you consider the improved method, someone said I have the station optimization good to say.

through the example above, we do not know what experience. I think that the important thing is more important than emergency. In the above example, if there is not an efficient method, stuffy head where do a station to take a very long time, there are so many stations waiting for it, how to do? The boss will think, see where you work hard, give you a few results list. One can not do well. However, if the method is effective and feasible, perhaps a few station at the same time can do, in accordance with the order of the key distribution can be, the effect may be much better. What is important to the work of the Shanghai dragon in


in the usual optimization, the strategy of design in the first place, put in the second methods, so as to do some targeted, balanced. This is not to say do not pay attention to methods, but to have the order, strategy level is relatively high, plays the role of command, which is the main method to implement. For example, we are in the chain in construction, content construction, the construction of the chain of work, we should first consider strategies for the construction of the work, rather than directly to do, the problem is not found or discovered too late to change. If you start to do the direction is wrong, it may not even modify the opportunity, have to redo, this loss will be large. What we do in the chain construction, regardless of platform, do not consider the chain form, regardless of the chain, there is no overall plan, which think to which, no effective recording. At the end of his place in what made outside the chain, what made the content may not remember, such work is what results? Although the method of doing one thing is very important, but in the premise of guiding strategy wrong, it will cause refers to the east to the west, kicking the ball into his own the goal of the joke. A good strategy, coupled with effective methods, make the work efficiency many times, the time will be shortened. If a site is supposed to be the first brand promotion, and then optimize the various aspects, so that users from cognition to familiar with the time will be shortened, the brand image will be in the heart. However, if the first through the optimization of keywords ranking to attract users, not only long, but also spend a lot of manpower, >