Love Shanghai update a week long after the trend of review

history data available, flexible use of reference, to work out some traces. Is expected this week (October 8th ~10 14) to restore the normal love Shanghai will be updated, probably on Thursday night or Friday (11 or 12) evening update half a month on. On the morning of the second day you can see a ranking of the floating, Xiaoran goose flying to remind everyone in this period of time should be given to prevent.

and forecast for this year’s mid autumn day during the double love Shanghai big update trend, is expected this year’s Mid Autumn Festival during the National Day holiday, Shanghai love will not appear included and ranking fluctuations in the National Day period in addition to a number of news sources, shopping, travel, ticketing sites there will be some changes, other sites will not be a big change. Because we can enjoy immersed in a festive atmosphere

is more subdued, the first half (1-14) were not updated;

2011 October:

Xiaoran goose flying tips: Thursday and Friday two days on the server, site procedures, chain, chain, 404, site map, content optimization and self-examination, to avoid problems in this period of time, which determines whether your site is good to get a good ranking; because.

analysis of historical comparison update

last week review: love Shanghai did not appear the phenomenon of large-scale update. Love: love in Shanghai included Shanghai to update the overall magnitude of 35% on average, which included increasing the proportion of about 15%, included reducing the proportion of 20% on average, the average proportion of new sites included in the 0.20%, the site was K station average in 0.2%, October 6, 2012 (Saturday) included in the update the overall small proportion of 33.76%, but the proportion of K station there are ordinary abnormal efforts in 1.12%, this let many webmaster heart, in search of foreign groups in Shanghai have a lot of friends have said the Phoenix blog sacked phenomenon, this can cause everyone’s attention.

2010 October: October 1st National Day was a big update; after 14 days (2 -14) in the end of temporary update;

today is the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Xiaoran goose flying in September 28th wrote an article < < analysis; love Shanghai during the mid autumn day will update the > a week trend update; > to analyze the historical trend in love Shanghai in the autumn of October:

October love Shanghai



article and love Shanghai daily update live as verification, the actual change results such as Xiaoran goose flying forecast, from September 30th ~10 month 8 days, ten days of love Shanghai there is no large-scale update, the official data to detection the home station as an example. Double love Shanghai no update the prediction results can be verified.