Only three heart, don’t let your double Shanghai dragon road farther

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people to finally write articles, send the chain is numb, but forget their first Shanghai dragon of the original, continue to optimize the site, continue to try a better user experience of Shanghai dragon Er has become less and less, a lot of people because of work, there are many people who are because of the status quo, so everyone can understand, but in the most fundamental user search engine optimization experience, we have to pick up the courage to try heart, to own request to strive for excellence, first of all to their own satisfaction, finally make customer satisfaction.

outside and began to rain, and looked out of the window, I suddenly found there a year in Wuhan Shanghai dragon work, from a piece of paper in the past to the full range of talent now". All kinds of hardships among you know, for a long time not to write their own soft Wen, the hair of the chain, do Shanghai Longfeng days more long more do not want to do these simple and complicated things. Today the company is a collection of Shanghai dragon apprentice, so it makes me feel a lot. In his shadow I saw some of the past two years, no matter what things are not easy to do, want to do is more difficult. This is to write a small article to encourage more newcomers just contact Shanghai dragon.

two. The courage to try heart

three. The pursuit of the perfect heart

the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of progress and strict demands on themselves is a Shanghai dragon should have the quality, there is no best, only better is our slogan. Things are in the pursuit of the perfect heart to treat, naturally can do. Whether to treat or treat the customer service website, we should come up with a Shanghai dragon attitude belongs to our own, and the pursuit of the perfect heart, it is a kind of attitude we like.

a common heart.

the rain stopped, thinking also finishing clear, as a struggling Shanghai Longfeng industry a year as I am concerned, there are many things to learn, work and life of more than.

Shanghai Longfeng people know things more and more boring, finally slowly mechanical, repetitive, even to the end of the tired, if this is your Shanghai dragon road, far can not go far. Many cop-out story happened in the US there? Many just contact Shanghai dragon who started 12 points is the name of passion in the work, for many things are very interested, but with fresh slowly disappear, replaced by the mechanical movement is dull as ditch water, and finally to Shanghai dragon completely lost the enthusiasm, also chose to give up. However, the normal Shanghai Longfeng workers need is a heart, a unshockable common heart, do Shanghai dragon should be old friends as usual and happy, this is a kind of self adjustment, a good attitude to make good things, imagine an impetuous restless heart how can make the user feel satisfied with the things.