The love of spiders in Shanghai now grab frequency and object

2, from the space on the server, now love Shanghai spiders in the space have become increasingly demanding, not to your website regularly, if your site because of the space problems led to love Shanghai spiders cannot crawl or crawl, so it will come to the site right down and K foreshadowing, a two love of spiders in Shanghai can be understood, the number of Shanghai site will naturally lose love to you all.

4, from the quality point of view, the more and more is the theme of the site search engine with reference value is more love, this requires us to write the future in the process of writing "in

above the four points is four points, I think the love of Shanghai after the update spider love the most, but to the four points still need the webmaster friends in the original schedule, space on the server, and the quality of work done, I also give some suggestions:

today I get up and open the site found a phenomenon, that is the love of spiders in Shanghai a few times in a night, the update frequency of my website is the day an article at 11 to 12 update 3 articles, after the examination and analysis of the website, and then my friends in QQ chat a few sites in his hands, I summed up some rules some now love Shanghai spiders crawl update.

2, combined with my own web site during the day time, published articles included slower than the evening post during the day included, at least two to three hours to be able to attract the spider, and half an hour at around the time it has grabbed.


3, from the collection after the situation, before some pseudo original articles in this update are removed, the rest are some of their own writing high quality articles, can be seen from the love of Shanghai these days also included problems in intensify treatment.

4, updated regularly, now every day I rule is 10 in the morning paper, 11 pm three articles, and this time also came the most frequently in the spider.

1, from the original point of view, the search engine has never seen the title, content is the best, with the search engine more and more humanization, it has high discrimination ability, so that the original is to ensure the search engine with the same words, the same statement.

3, from the individual time point of view, it is necessary to develop a website to get up early in the law, we do the work and not the same, we want to find the most suitable search engines love time, and I think that is the most suitable for the 10 in the morning and 11 in the evening, so learn to change the schedule.

1, Shanghai spiders love more and more attention to the original content after the big update in July 13th, after the big update two times before the original degree of attention although increased, but this not so obvious.