Watercress accumulated four years of content now want to find the writers to implement them

was founded 11 years, Internet Co has finally taken the original novel by bean to IP operation step, but this is not a good way to go.

recently, watercress watercress reading formally launched the film adaptation column. Here, we will continue to be published by the reader, there is the potential to adapt the watercress reading original works, invited the film and television industry professionals to participate in the work of film adaptation." The statement said at the top of the page.

was founded 11 years of watercress, and finally began to accumulate their own content has long been Video – not their own to shoot, but the recruitment of writers to lead the content.

content is one of the most extensive areas of watercress. Watercress reading on the line in May 2012, according to public data, watercress reading the existing 21100 authors settled, has accumulated 7339 exclusive works.

The contents of the

watercress have boarded the big screen. In 2011 the "33 days", the novel is the first in the series of watercress, later adapted into a movie, eventually became the dark horse at the box office.

this thing more or less with chance, but watercress platform similar content and a lot of content industry and commercial value of heat rising, so the image of bean active guidance content, but also the logical thing.

in accordance with the introduction of watercress, film and television adaptation function is not open to everyone, the user has to be screenwriter or producer identity authentication, then you can enter the corresponding background page. Writers can choose from the story to be adapted to the story, the story of the script adapted screenplay. An excellent and appropriate script outline will be supported by the watercress reading to facilitate the creation and completion of the script. Producers can choose the story to be adapted from the story of the story, to buy the right to adapt the novel film, while promoting the film and watercress with the project.

watercress film adaptation interface is simple and clear, clearly shows the 20 waiting for the adaptation of the work, next to the already sold 8 works. According to the Tencent technology reported that the buyers including Huace pictures, pictures and other time.

through the contents of the hand, to attract writers and other creators, connect the film side buyers, watercress mode now, and in early 2010, the Amazon studios are very similar.

November 2010, Amazon created the original movie studio studio (Amazon Studios) – Amazon, Amazon Studios was founded, the equivalent of a web tool, users can submit and share the script, Amazon will organize members and experts will recommend screening, excellent screenplay to Warner Brothers, if Warner Brothers refused, then you can continue to sell other film companies. "Today’s film industry is dominated by Hollywood. And through the Amazon studio, we want to dig out some unknown voices." Founding >